Saturday, April 5, 2014

Update/Vlog + Adverts: Ashincans & sgshoppers

Hello everybody! Finally have the time to settle down and blog hehehe. Can't wait to go to Adventure Cove tomorrow cause I have never been there before. Anyway, I have been catching up on my favorite tv shows, glee & 2 broke girls!!!! So yesterday I went to meet my babies <3 but sadly, cass didn't come, we all expected it but it's okay, there's always another time! And at around 9+ I went to nic's bbq chalet to celebrate his birthday in advance & I was veryyyy late hahaha. Anyway, a new vlog is uploaded to my channel, so go check it out! :)

Aurelia Spag in wine sponsored by @6ixtytwo. Advert will be up very soon!

Dinner at Ajisen!

Didn't really take any photos at the bbq cause I was busy complaining about how hot the weather was hahaha.

We have all heard of ashincans right? 

"It is established in 2011, Ashincans is an online fashion store based in Singapore. Their site is updated weekly with new content and arrivals. All Ashincans apparels are designed and manufactured to become the wardrobe updater of every girl. 

Retiring from the livejournal platform, Ashincans aims to provide user-friendly and e-commerce website, with fuss-free shopping and quicker response time for all their customers. 

They're currently stocked at Far East Plaze, Blogshopping, #01-34 and also Kiss Jane, Century Square, #01-03. New stocks are freshly stocked up at their retail racks weekly!"
1) Mono Checkered Spag Dress
I really love this dress! It is very chic isn't it?! Plus, the material is very comfy. You can just pair it up with a boots/flats, and also with round shades/any shades & you're ready to go!! Is it me or I just have something for mono prints hehehe. This dress is something that you really need in your wardrobe!! Well, almost every item from Ashincans is something that you need in your wardrobe!

2) Black Floral Bustier Tube Dress
I immediately fell in love with this dress the moment I laid my eyes on it because WELL, ALL OF US, GIRLS, LOVE FLORAL PRINTS SHIRT/DRESS! I love how this is a tube dress, it brings out the shape of your body and it kinda makes you feel sexier ;) This is perfect for a movie date with your friends/your boyfriend.

3) Mono Checkered Skirt
HAHAHA mono again!!! I loveeeee the design on the skirt. Even though it is quite similar to the first dress that I chose butttttt I can't help myself! There are so many apparels that I wanna choose from Ashincans! You can just match this with a simple white top & a necklace, and you'll look phenomenal!!!


Here are some of my top picks from their new arrivals:

Don't we all just love Ashincans? I love how all their apparels are so so sooo nice that I wanna buy them all. I can never get sick and tired of Ashincan's new collection. They just keep getting better and better. Anyway they just launched their new collection yesterday so check it out! :) 
Remember to quote "vanessaforaic" for 5% off your total purchase!!!

Follow them on their Facebook page:
Follow them up on their Instagram for more updates: @ashincans

Have fun shopping girls!!! <3 <3 <3


Philadelphia top sponsored by sgshoppers! 
This crop top is perfect for a day at the beach! You can throw it over your bikini and match it with a denim shorts, for me, I just randomly matched it with the lace shorts that has been trending recently! Don't this crop top remind you of some cheerleading team or something??? HAHAHA GO WILDCATS! ;)

Quote "vanessateo" to get $1 off your total bill. And remember to follow them on instagram to keep up with all the updates! :) They got two accounts: @sgshoppers & @sgshopperspreorder.

Alright, that is all for today's update!!! Good night everybody. Have a great day tomorrow :)