Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Happy Pills + Adverts: 6ixtytwo | shopmiyage

Hello everybody! I finally have the time to update again, so happy to be blogging again hehehe. Can't wait to share something with you girls at the end of this post. Anyway, on thursday(labour day hurray), I went to meet my classmates to print our poster, dvd cover and cd. Met Joyce when we were walking to the printing place and she brought us there, so nice of her hehehe. Went to meet Siti and the rest at cathay and we waited for the rest of them to finish up their poster etc. Gracia got us starbucks cause she got staff discount! Sooo after waiting and waiting, Jobie and I got hungry and we went to buy popeyes HAHAH. Around 7+, we walked to the printing shop again to reprint our stuff and omg, the staff there was so rude. Is it me or the printer ladies are always SUPER RUDE?!

On the next day, which is Friday. I had to stay back in school for my assignment. So from 9 till 4?! I did nothing productive at all but just wait and wait. Plus, we waited outside our classroom and the weather wasn't on our side, everyone was complaining how hot the weather was! I tried every way I can to get aircon and I almost fell asleep outside the class door cause I opened the door slightly and the wind/aircon was super shiok. I had to make up some fake excuse so that I could get inside the class and do my assignment.
We ordered mac for lunch hahaha

After I'm done with my assignment, I quickly rushed back home and bathed then I went to meet Jeslin. Joey was suppose to come but she was too lazy!
Walked around and she got her new laptop sleeve!! HAHAHA <3

Omg!!! Trex is too sweet <3 I love her so much <3


So I finally met my dearest boyfriend today!!! Was suppose to meet up yesterday cause it was our anniversary but he got something on with his family so I just stayed at home to take pictures for my adverts. And I also curled my hair heheh what do you guys think? :p

We had ramen for brunch and when I walked in and settled down, I saw the waitress walking towards my table looking at my unif heels and then going back to her colleague telling her how high my heel was HAHAHA. We checked the movie timing and decided to watch "The Other Woman", for those who haven't watch, you guys should watch it man. IT'S SUPER HILARIOUS and you'll have a good laugh. I rate it a 5.5/5 hahah.

Before the movie, we walked around and just chatted about what happened in school etc. I don't know how many times I have said this but I enjoy talking about everything to him hehehe. Also, we went to eat our fav, Menchie's!!!!!! Love how my bf gets super excited and happy when he eats it hahaha. We did nothing much today actually, but I totally enjoyed myself. HAHA he was very shocked that I wore my UNIF heels and we coincidentally wore the same coloured shoes! Can't wait to meet him next week <3 Happy 3 years 2 months and 1 day baby!! <3
 Alright, that's all for today! Time for some advert.


Have you girls heard of 6ixtytwo? :) 6ixtytwo is a blogshop that gives huge variety of clothes that you would love to have in your closet!

"6ixty2 has an aim to provide fashionable and high quality clothes at an affordable range. They believe that looking beautiful is the key to success. When a woman feels comfortable in what she is wearing, her confidence multiplies. As such, thet hope to provide apparels which will allow their customers to feel confident, at the same time stay in trend. 

6ixty2 was found by
 2 female entrepreneurs in February, 2014. They deeply believed, that looking confident shouldn't cost too much. Hence embarked in this idea of starting up an online business to help young female adults. Currently the store targets teenagers to young adults, aged between 13-25 years old. In this journey, they hope their clothes will inspire young females to be comfortable and confident in what they wear.

The clothes are hand picked and are designed to show a lady's confidence in every way. These apparels are suitable for both casual and formal events. Each collection has a theme tied in with it. Providing as much variety as they could offer."

Aurelia Spag in Wine
I absolutely adore this top! It is so chic and it brings your sexiness to the next level. You can always wear a tube bra or a caged bralet inside. Loveeee how this top can match with anything, by anything, I really mean it!! The colour goes well with anything and the top is absolutely stunning! Afraid that this top is too revealing? Fret not! You can always match it with a cardigan ;)))

Oh my, I love all the apparels from 6ixtytwo!! <3 Quick, go get your favourite items before it gets sold out!! Remember to quote "vanessax62" for $1 off total bill before you check out.


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I have done lots of advers for shopmiyage and shopmiyage is one of my fav blogshop ever! I love how they always bring trendy and chic apparels in which I really want all of it in my wardrobe omg!!! <3

"Shopmiyage is a desirable webstore managed by their owner, @Joannestitch. This webstore is opened on 15 May 2013 which is formally known as Ohmydarlinggg. They sell the fashionable apparels & items at cheap & affordable prices. They also come up with different promotions & sales at times for better shopping experience. They are very determined to bring out their best to all their customers so that they will continue to support us in the future!"

Dotty Mesh Skirt
 Isn't this skirt super cute?!?! I am absolutely a fan of polkadot and this was the first thing that caught my eye. My reaction was "OMG CUTEEEE". Normally, the elastic waist band will look kinda weird with some skirt but everything looks so perfect here. The plus point is that, this skirt is in black, and I can match with any tops that I want to! Very cute but chic at the same time!

Glitter Shorts
I fell in love with this shorts the first time when I saw it cause I have always wanted the black one but this colour is so pretty too!! I was so afraid that I won't be able to pull this shorts off. Even though it may be a little too shiny/glittery but when you match it with a white/black top, BOOM! It'll complete the look. Dressing up effortlessly. This is what I love about shopmiyage!! 

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That's all for today everyone! Hope that you've enjoyed my blogpost. There's school tomorrow argh :((( Good night everybodyyyyy <3