Friday, April 11, 2014

Night crush

Hello everyone!! Finally done with my assignment 2 for my video production 1. I thought that it was gonna be super hard but turns out to be quite easy! But I am super nervous for my dph(photography) assignment 3 :( I hope that I get everything right!! Hehe the picture below is yesterday's breakfast, skipped life skills lesson cause I was already late... Oh, talking about mac, I have been eating fast food for like what, 6 days already?!?!?! Omg I need to stop and start to exercise hahaha!

Went to meet my babygirls today hehehe trex didn't come cause she has orientation and joe was too lazy to come hahaha. Met lala at cityhall at around 5+ then we went to f21 and walked around.
Since we were waiting for cass to come..... we tried this out HAHAHA. The lights, camera, fashion thingy at 313!! Everyone walking pass us were judging us sia! 

Went to take our ootds then shortly after that, cass came <3


Went to xinwang cafe to have our dinner and I LOVEEEE THIS SOUP OMFG!!!

Cass and I ordered the same thing.

That's all for today everyone!! Gonna rest early cause for the past few days, I haven't had enough sleep cause of my preparation of presentations/proposal for assignment etc. Can't wait to be back and update again, I love you all!! <3