Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sentosa, Fun at the beach | Vlog

Hello everyone!! I know that I haven't been updating this space that often.... haha I am getting lazy already. School is starting very soon, how I wish the holidays will never end :((( Oh, and our adventure cove trip was cancelled yesterday and postponed to this sunday, so I really can't wait hehe! Anyway, I made a short vlog/video diary with jeslin a few days ago so here it is. I am gonna try to make more vlogs like this and keep my channel alive ;) Hope that you'll enjoy the video!! Xoxo

On 1st April, my class went to siloso beach and had our very first class outing hehe. I was late for about 1 hour????? But Gracia got there later than me :p HAHA I shall just let the pictures do the talking alright!

Me applying sunblock HAHAHA

The girls hehehe, Gracia, Siti, Beeting & Jobie! Insyirah & Uma wasn't here yet when we took this picture.

Faiz got sting by a jelly fish omfg, he went to the lifeguard and asked for vinegar HAHHAA

We played soccer & volleyball for a little while haha

UFO OMG HAHAHA kidding, Bryan told us that it's some smoke thingy from the songs of the sea??

At around 5+, the people who got into the water went to bathe.
HEHE love this class!!!!

i loveeeeeeee this hat from h&m omfg, am so gonna buy this!!

Sooooo today I went to meet the love of my life hehehe <3 Oh, he had fever since yesterday so I have been taking care of him and thank God that he is feeling a lot more better right now! 
We got a new pair of ring too HAHAHAHA ;)

Hi baby, happy 3 years & 1 month. Look how far we've gotten already ;) Actually, there's nothing much to say anymore since I have already said everything inside my text that I sent to you. I just hope that your fever won't come back again andddd please please please take good care of yourself. I hate to see you suffering! Heheh hope that you've enjoyed your day with me even though I have been a bitch and nagged you today *laughing emoji* HAHA aiya I just want you to get better that's all, sorry for being such a pain in the asssssssss sometimes but I know that you'll still love me hehe. I love you so much! I'll see you this Sunday xoxo. <3

That's all for today's update! I'll update soon again. :)