Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Yours Truly

(the flower band is a gift from Effie, hehe thank you so much!<3)

(I am currently blasting Avril and Ariana's songs omgggg)
Hello everybody. Today was a stay home wednesday for me! AND I also went for grocery shopping with my mommy and I bought lots of fruits home hehe. My 2 week holidays is soooo boring :( I have absolutely no plans at all (well, just for now), but I am looking forward to next week cause I'll be heading to sentosa with my girls and also with my class. Can't wait for my trip to adventure cove with my boyfriend and his cousins too hehe! Soooo today, I re-watched The Princess Diaries, Mean Girls and Wild Child. I can never get sick and tired of this 3 movies!!! Went for a nap at around 3+ until 7. HAHAHA I had a good nap but I am having a terrible headache now!!! There's no more panadol at home anymore and I am too lazy to buy. Oh God, please help me!!!! I need to watch Captain America & Divergent ASAP omfg!! Gonna catch Captain America this friday, will be watching it with my fav girls. Can't wait! That's all I have for today's update. Am gonna go watch glee and the vampire diaries right now! Good bye & good night :)