Monday, March 17, 2014

Edge Camp 2014

Hello everyone! Yay it finally rained on sunday!! I was so happy cause I had a good afternoon nap on sunday haha but I had a bad dream though. I'll just skip right to it and talk about edge camp!! Damn, I really miss the camp a lot, I miss bonding with my class and trying to do our best in all the activities. Even though it was just a 2 day 1 night camp, but I enjoyed myself :') I SWEAR, I have the best class ever!! PV1401A <3 

Anyway, we still had class in the morning and then we went to bedok mall for lunch, our group split up into two cause some wanna eat mac and some wanna eat kfc! We couldn't find kfc so in the end we ate our lunch at mos burger, absolutely love the milk tea there. I can never get sick and tired of it!

So, our class got there late and we ended up getting level 3 for our rooms. DAMN TIRING CLIMBING UP AND DOWN THE STAIRS LAH OMFG!!!
We didn't play any ice breaking games sooo we went to do the raft building activity. We were the first ones who build finish our raft and in the end, we lose to class B. We were leading at first but after that, they catch-ed up. Never mind, cause we're all winners at heart :) We were all touched when they cheered for us even though they finished the race!

So this is my group!! Both groups decided to do my "signature pose" HAHAHA! LOOK AT MY CA, MISS STELLA HAHAHA SO CUTE.

PV1401A <3

We had some time in the pool by ourselves and we camwhored, tried taking pics underwater but it didn't work cause there were way too many people!
Look at all of us going to drown HAHHA

We are the selfie kings and queens hahaha, our instructor Jeremy kept saying "wah selfie again ah, later then selfie lah aiyo" HAHAHA

Jobie, Kai and I bathed together cause all of us wanna save time then Gracia gave our lollipops in our room hehe

ROOMIES <3333333

We kinda just rested until 6++
Just girls having fun hahaha tao pok!!! (will be posting up a new youtube vid on my 2d1n camp hehehe)

Picture with one of our instructor, Mateen!!
We took way too many photos so I decided to put them into a collage! We also had dinner, the food is not that bad.

With Jobie, Kai Yee, Sha and Atiqa

We went to play some ice breaking games. Played 2 games, one is whacko(?) but it is not the original one, our instructor came up with it. And then we played dog and bone. Mateen purposely wanted to call my number and Faiz exposed me... When I was running to take the "bone" aka a bottle, cindy pushed me and I almost fell on my face, thank God Gracia and Kai grabbed me!! We ran around and piggy back each other when we went for toilet break haha we were all damn hyper.

Mr Ying gave us a treat, hahah thank you so much! (oh and this was for supper)
(Gracia you want a bite is it????)
I went for a interview with the instructor, Mateen, and omg he knows like almost everyone I know?!?!?! When I was done with it, the box only left 2 pizza sia HAHAHA and I quickly took one piece cause I was kinda hungry!!

Went down to the second level to play pool and my darling EUNICE and JOYCEJOYCE was there <3
Hehe love them so much <3 xoxoxox

Jamming sesh for them!!!

It was lights out time and we did a lot of videos HAHAHAHA damn funny sia omfg! Can't wait to share it with y'all.

I slept at 2++ & kept waking up in between my sleep and the next morning when I wake up, I felt like a zombie. Well, I bet everyone felt like a zombie cause almost all of us didn't get enough sleep or had no sleep at all.

Cleaned up the area after that, and we packed up & moved all our bags out to the living room.
My roomies <3 Let me introduce them!
Top(from left): Jobie, Kai Yee, Gracia, Siti and me.
Bottom(from left): Uma, Amanda, Syairah and Syarafina.

Everyone was literally DEAD hahaha.
Went to play our next two activities after breakfast and on the second game, we broke the fastest timing(too lazy to elaborate what game it is) of 14.9. WE GOT 14.3 YAYYYY! From, 25s to 23s to 15s and finally, 14.3s!! We were all celebrating and we made Mateen proud cause it was his last day at camp and we were his last class!

After that, we rested for awhile then before we headed down to level 2 for debrief, we took class pictures and did another video HAHAHA it was epic!!!

I love PV1401A!! Best class ever, I love you guys!!! <3

And also, I wanna thank my camp instructors!! Mateen, Ruth and Jeremy! Thank you for making our camp the best even though you guys are very strict about staying inside our room during lights out :p Looking forward to see y'guys around next time!! Hehehehe

Good night everyone! I will update again very soon, goodbye.