Thursday, March 27, 2014

East coast park

Hello everyone! I got really tanned today & I kinda regretted not putting on any sunblock HAHAHA whateverrrrr! Met up with Siti today at my house's bus stop and we headed to parkway, bought mac for brunch and we rented our bikes from somewhere near bk and we cycled to ecp to find the others. ONE BIKE IS ONLY $10 FOR 3 HOURS!!!!!! AND IF YOU LIKE THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE, YOU GET ANOTHER 1 HOUR FREE OMFG!!! I should just let the pictures do the talking ;)

Siti, Bryan and I went to cycle again and we cycled to the hawker centre and got drinks. We cycled back to the rest and then all of them got in the water again except for me! And I tried to roller blade but I fell down HAHAHAHA yes, I don't know how to roller blade......
We went to return the bikes at around 4 and Bryan left, then Siti and I slowly walked and enjoy the wind and took lots of snapchat/videos HAHA

Kai, Syahir, Faiz and Amsyar came after that! And all of them got into the water again. I was the camera man for the day cause almost everyone played in the sea except for me!

Kai and Siti played with their penny board & roller blade and I just followed them behind cause I have nothing else better to do.


We sat down and chit chat until 7 HAHA I had a lot of fun even though I got really tan! Kai Siti and I left at 7:30++, once I got home, I quickly got into the shower because I was all sweaty and sticky.
Thank you all for today! :) (PS, can you believe that this picture was taken at 7:25PM?!)
From left to right: Syahir, Putra, Amsyar, Faiz, Insyirah, Zul, Siti, Me and Kai Yee

Alright, that's all for today's update! Gonna head to bed now and have a good night sleep. Good night everybody :)