Monday, March 10, 2014

Space Invasion

School was super boring today, oh God. But I had a lot of quality time with my classmates hahaha can't wait for this friday though, cause it is our edge camp. Just praying hard that we won't get room 2/3...... The girls already decided to have our own slumber party and we decided to not sleep. Well, we still don't know what's gonna happen so I can't wait hehehe. Here's my $5.35 yami yogurt, I couldn't control myself. I was craving for yogurt, strawberries, fruity pebbles and marshmallows at the same time HAHAHA.

Now, few weeks back, I have told all of you that I went down to Space Invasion to pick some items that I want right... Finally, I'm gonna talk about it!! Don't just press that 'x' button yet, there's a little something for you girls at the end of this post ;)
"The retail area has been invaded and there is no invader control. Danger of over-invasion may exist any time. Access for shopaholics will be allowed to curb over-invasion."

Space Invasion is located at:
The Cathay, 2 Handy Road, #03-15/16
Singapore 229233
I was approached by one of the staff there, Cheryl. And she asked me to go on down to space invasion to pick the items that I wanted. I was very excited and looking forward to see what is in for me. 

Sooo... after some really tough decisions(the apparels there are really very niceee), here are the items that I picked!
This dress caught my eyes the moment I laid my eyes on it, it was love at first sight!!! This is perfect for a night out with friends/your other half. Very simple yet classy at the same time, don't you think?

This dress is absolutely stunning. Love the floral prints! You can always go with a belt or a cardigan to give that "finish look". This is perfect if you're going on a date. I adore this dress so much!!! It totally screams "JUST CHOOSE ME". 

And here's my last pick:
 I wanted something small, like an accessory, something to match with a plain black dress to lighten it up. So I chose this super pretty flower gold chain necklace! Super gorgeous right?!

Head on down to Space Invasion now, it is located at:
The Cathay, 2 Handy Road, #03-15/16
Singapore 229233

 Remember to follow them on instagram: @spaceinvasionsg and you can get 5% off all items purchased!! What are you waiting for?! Head on down to space invasion now and shop away <333
Oh, and I also wanna thank Jes, Trex and Bryan for accompanying me to space invasion on that day!! Love y'all so much <3 I also wanna thank Cheryl for inviting me down to space invasion, so sorry that I turned up to space invasion when you're at work, looking forward to work with you again! And also, I wanna thank Yuzi for helping me out in choosing my items. Thank you Space Invasion for having me! :)

AH AH AH!!! Girls, before you leave...
Space Invasion is once again holding a Social Media contest! This time, it's the Space Invasion Mega Sales event! If you've been following them and reading their blog, you would have noticed that they're giving away 4 pairs of Priority Passes on Facebook for this event (2 pairs of passes for 22nd, and 2 pairs of passes for 23rd March)

What a Priority Pass does:
- Allows you to enter the store without having to queue!

All you have to do is: 
1. Like Space Invasion on Facebook
2. "Like" and "share" this post on your Facebook account. 
(Each user is only allowed to share once.)
3. In the post that you shared, comment "SIMS stands for the Space Invasion Mega Sales!"
4. Comment on this post: "I WANT MY SIMS PASSES!"

And they'll pick 4 lucky winners who can then bring along a friend to the event!

This contest will end on 15th March at 11pm and winners will be announced on Space Invasion's Facebook on 16th March! 

Good luck!