Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Voice Within // Advert: Ellysage

Hello everyone! Back for a short update and an advert. I really can't wait for edge camp! And I am looking forward to lights out because the girls are gonna partehhhhh. I wasn't in a good mood because of this bouncer at school who pissed me off badly, everyone thinks that he is irritating. HE IS RIDICULOUS!!!!! Alright, I should just let the pictures do the talking.

throwback to uss omg me and my babygirls need to go back when the human and cylon ride is open!!

Photography class! Hehehehe

Hi girls, I'm back again with another ellysage advert!! I AM TOTALLY LOVING THEIR NEW ARRIVALS. 

"We are a dedicated team that believed in running our business with sincerity and hard work. We believe in constant innovation and continuous improvement in our company, our website, and our operations, so as to bring to you a better shopping experience. We aim to one day become the online store known for unparalleled customer service."

So here are the items that I picked from their store!

1) Antoinette Laced Dress
Don't all of us love cut in dresses? What I LOVEEEEE about this dress is that it is superrrrr comfortable, it also has a zip at the side. Usually, most zips will be at the back and it is kinda hard to zip it by yourself but now that it is at the side, it makes my life so much more easier. I think I'll often wear this dress cause it is super comfortable and it gives the very elegant vibe don't you think???

2) Michaela Crochet Hem Floral
I adore this dress so so much!!! I love the floral prints and the lace details. Perfect outfit for a picnic at the beach/park. It also has a side zip, making everyone's life easierrrrr!! I had a hard time choosing between the pink and green dress but I decided to go with green in the end because it looks more vintage-y, and pink is more girlish.

3) Eagle & Stars Pullover

Lastly, I chose this pullover! It looks very interesting and unique. I don't really see people wear this type of pullover walking around and that is what makes it special! Ellysage always brings in the most unique apparels. Love it so much! The material is quite thick so it is perfect to wear on rainy days but sadly, it is sunny hot in singapore so just wear it out when you're going to watch a movie ;)

Ellysage is stocked at the following multi-label boutiques:

Blogshopping, JEM
50 Jurong Gateway Road, #04-07, Singapore 608549

KissJane, Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street, #03-13A, Singapore 188021

KissJane, Century Square
2 Tampines Central 5, #01-03, Singapore 529509


Ellysage just launched their new collection not long ago so faster go check it out before the apparels get sold out!!!! 

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Happy shopping girls!! Good night.