Thursday, March 20, 2014

Kaleidoscope Love

Hello everyone! I know that I haven't been updating this space that often anymore. And I also sorta MIA for a few days cause of school and also because my camp. I have lots of work to do in school, upcoming projects after my 2 week holiday etc.! There are so many drafts of random thoughts/rants on my blogger right now, thinking of deleting them cause I wanted to just have some time to myself to reflect and yes, rant too. I am looking forward to tomorrow becuzzzzz it's the last day of school and I'll enjoy my 2 weeks of hols. HEHEHEHE! Sadly, I still have to prepare my presentations :( Hopefully, I can still enjoy my 2 week holiday!

Siti, Syarafina and I got our t-shirts cause we got silver for our napfa! If only my standing broad jump was better, then I can get a gold or something.

Met up with my babies hehehe <3 Didn't know that Gabriel was with them too but I enjoyed my dinner hahahah

My ootd, skirt is sponsored by hehe look out for my advert for ashincans soon!! ;)

Lala is so rude!!! :p

That's all for today! I will update again very soon. Can't wait for tomorrow to end heheh happy tgif in advance everyone ;) I better head to bed now, my headache is killing me, I wanna punch a hole in the wall with my own head HAHA. Good night!