Thursday, March 6, 2014


Hello everyone!! This post is specially dedicated to my fav man in the whole entire universe, bringing all the good old memories back baby, please don't kill me for posting some pictures okay! <3 Thank you for being my other half, showering me with love & care, supporting me in whatever that I do and most importantly, accepting my flaws and tolerating my annoying habits. I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend. You can be an asshole sometimes but I still love you for who you are.
(sorry that I took so long to get this posted up, too busy with school)

Hahaha so this is the part where I will dig out all the pictures from the past and you'll see how "lian" or how "xmm" I look HAHAHAHA oh my God. 
So this is me and him on our 2nd month, I look like a rabbit here hahaha and that is him with his mohawk hairstyle HAHA!

We both knew each other through some friends in school. But we barely even talked at all. Just a "the-awkward-walking-pass-each-other-but-still-smile-to-avoid-anymore-awkwardness" kinda friend. And we got closer because apparently, this guy pretended to be him and talked to me on the phone. Well, it's quite complicated so I shall just stop here... HAHAHA it was quite funny too cause everyone was trying to help us figure out who the poser is. Oh well!!! 

We started to hang out more often and he came over to my relative's place to come look for me cause I was staying over. I think he was pretty scared of me cause he was very quiet but I managed to keep the conversation going! Isn't it funny how we don't even know each other's existence then POOF, suddenly, he's the love of my life.

This was when me and Gama went to his house while I watch them play LoL. He stopped playing to come talk to me and we took this picture with his dog! We became super comfortable with each other and became super close friends. Little did I know, I fell for him.

(this was when we went to marina square with my sister HAHAH)
After a few months, he finally popped the question. Of course, I did not accept immediately. I wanted to test him(WALAO what was I even thinking), I said that I would give him an answer when I am ready. Of course I need to know if he is willing to wait or not. So after a week, I said yes and he was so happy HAHA.

Miss those times when we just Skype with each other at night. We will just have our heart to heart talks and I asked him all the stupid and nonsensical questions.

After awhile he don't give a fuck about me already lor, to be honest. At first all the couples are very lovey dovey but after awhile, it is the phase, where the both of us still want to hang onto this r/s or not. In the end, we got through that phase and our r/s got better after that :)

Taken during his birthday hehe!

I can still clearly remember where this photo was taken HAHAHA we were at kallang leisure and he injured his leg. But he still came down all the way with his crutches to meet me. :')

At one point of time, we had a very big fight. It's not like the small little fights that we have but we didn't talk for days. I didn't have the mood to do anything but eventually, we sorted things out and everything was back to normal.


On my birthdayyyyyyyyyyy! <3

He definitely changed a lot. And he also changed his hairstyle a lot of time. I definitely thinks that he looks the best with the comb back hair!!

His birthday HEHEHE

HAHAHA I rmb that this was taken in our school library revising for ss and we were still working our asses off for n's. 

Valentine's day ;)

So, on our 3rd year anniversary, we celebrated it in advance cause we both have school till late on our anni. We went to Clarke Quay on Saturday.

Before we headed to Locks of Love, we had our lunch!

Here it is!!!!!! I didn't know about this until someone tweeted a pic of this on twitter then my reaction was "oh my God, I need to go with Damien" HAHAHAHA just a girl being a girl...

Although it is not like the ones you see in France, it is not on the bridge and not as big compared to the rest but isn't it cool how Singapore is starting this culture now?!

We just got the lock from this machine. But it didn't give us any key. So I suggest all of you couples to buy a nicer lock! And if you wanna buy from this machine, it only accept old coins and you need 4 of the $1 old coins.

Settled down somewhere and wrote our names on it.


And then we both lock it together. By right, there is suppose to be a key and you can throw it into the river or something. It is so cute!! Some people even put their own pictures with their locks on it. Make sure you protect the picture well so on rainy days, it won't get wet and the picture won't get ruined.

We just spend the rest of the day talking our hearts away like how we always use to. Just treasuring each and every second we have with each other.

Hello baby, Happy belated 3rd year anniversary. I love you with all my heart. Hope you liked this small little dedication to you. It's kinda like a throwback dedication post. Hope you won't kill me if I post the picture that you think is unglam HAHAHA! Alright, I wont say too much hehehe I have already said enough in my message and on Saturday! See you real soon, I miss you so much! Hugs & Kisses - your beloved girlfriend.