Saturday, March 22, 2014

Update + Advert: Barely-Naked

Hello everyone!! How's your day? Hahaha mine was not that bad. I'm trying to edit videos to post it up on my youtube but my laptop always decides to shut off by itself when I wanna save it. SO SO SOOO FRUSTRATING! I know that it's been a long time since I have uploaded a video so I'll try to keep my channel alive, HAHA I will TRY MY BEST
With Sijie in skuuuuu hahaha I miss hanging out with this crazy woman!!


So on Friday, which is yesterday. Went to meet 2/4 of my fav bitches <3 Joey was suppose to come but I guess she's just too lazy and Trex was at np camp & she's back now so yayyyyyy. Anyway, we went to watch Mr Peabody and Sherman. IT WAS AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Went to Shokudo Japanese Pasta and Pizza for our early dinner but I only ate fries.


Finally found this baby <3 My sister went to hide my perfume from me omfg!!!

Found this pic on tumblr and omfg, would love to have this kind of fruit salad one day hehe gonna go grocery shopping soon ;) Alright, that's all I have for this update.


Want a phone skin/sticker that is the design that you want? I'm going to talk about Barely Naked ;) Read on to find out more!
 "Ever wondered who designed those cool t-shirts prints? Or even walk past a cool wall mural or graffiti and not knowing who did that? Yeah, us as well.

Now you can find out who did those designs through Barely Naked and even get those designs on your devices or even engage their services after looking through their online portfolio here on Barely Naked. We're super passionate about great design and thought it should be on everyday used devices to show it off to your friends! That way, you get an awesome design on your device and the artists gets great exposure at the same time."
"We are your best bet! Super slim protection which feels like it's not even there. Designer pieces that comes in rock bottom prices! Get protected without the bulk of all other device protections."

24/7, all day errrday, I am on my phone. Everyday, I'll wake up and pick up my phone & start using it. I'll go to whatsapp, scroll through my instagram feed, check twitter & my emails. And, I will also take lots of pictures and spend hours editing just one picture that I want to post on instagram. At night, I'll just go on youtube/vine to watch my fav youtubers & funny videos. I'll go on whatsapp, send all my good night messages and sleep. And the cycle repeats itself.
Don't you hate having heavy and bulky phone covers? Cause I do. I'll obviously want a pretty phone sticker to protect my iPhone and to make my phone prettier. You can choose many different designs that you want for your phone sticker. Want a My Little Pony screen protector? Crazy over Zac Efron or Austin Butler? A hardcore fan of k-pop? You can choose your fav photo as your phone sticker ;)

Thanks to my iPhone is now looking pretty and fabulous now. The material of the sticker is so thin that you won't even know that it is there. How cool is that?! And guess what? It will only cost you $12.90, super cheap and affordable right?! 

I got my design from Victoria's Secret, as you can see from the "pink" word. REALLY LOVE IT SO MUCH OMG!

It is just a few simple steps to get your own unique phone sticker:

1) Click on "Create Your Own" and there'll be this pop up window where you can choose your device

2) Upload the image that you want as your phone sticker(there's front and back)adjust accordingly to your own preference (ps, you can drag in more than one image, if you think that your design is too plain, you can add another picture of a colour to it

3) Click on "Preview" to check before you add it to cart

4) Fill in all the necessary information that Barely Naked needs, quote "Vanessa" before you check out and submit the order

Barely Naked is also very efficient. Don't we all love efficient online shops where we can receive our item in just a few days? ;)

*too engrossed with my pretty phone*
This is how my iPhone look like now! I pasted it on myself, it is not perfectly pasted on but I tried my best. ;) It is not hard to paste it on my phone at all, all you need is patience! IT IS SO PRETTYYYY, I can't take my eyes off my phone. 

Dress your phone up now with now at a very reasonable price now. Remember to quote "Vanessa" before you check out & submit your order! Have fun and go get your one and only phone skin from Barely Naked :)

Good bye everyone, I will update again soon! :)