Saturday, March 8, 2014

Young Girls

Hello everyone! Today's a stay home saturday for me. Finally done with all my adverts, can't wait to share with you girls! And I have been watching glee for the past few days, thanks to Joey HAHAHA. My fav is still Naya hehehe love her so much.

Met up with my babygirls and we watched Anchorman 2. We didn't even watch part 1 HAHAHA but it was hilarious and retarded!! I actually loved the movie, I thought the movie would suck, a lot. I shouldn't spoil the movie for y'all, so go watch it hehehe.

I ran my 2.4 for 3 times already hahaha call me crazy but I love jogging. Happy with my timing cause I got 14 minutes. I am still wondering why I can't run during my pe lessons/napfa in my secondary school days, maybe I was too lazy??? Glad that my stamina is still not that bad after a long longgggg time!  

Photography assignment ((behind the scenes)) HAHAHA

Met up with my dearest boyfriend for dinner. It's the only time where we can spend time together and just rant/talk!

Hahaha we took so many pictures, so I decided to collage all of them together. 

Yesterday(Friday) in Video Production class HAHAHA it was one of the best lesson ever because Miss Sya didn't come to school.

Went to meet my secondary school classmates and we went back to bartley!!

My dearest Joey <3

My babeeeeee <3 Miss this girl so much! How I wish I could go back to secondary school days because I miss 4N1'13. Can't wait for our next class outing though!

After that, I went home to change then met up with my bitchez to watch Vampire Academy!

THE MOVIE IS AWESOMEEEEEEE. You all know that I have a thing for vampire movies/shows right. And I also watched it cause the movie is also directed by the director of mean girls. It wasn't as good as mean girls buttt the movie is awesome! And the actors are just way too hottttttt! I mean, just look at Dominic Sherwood and Zoey Deutch. HOTTIESSSSSSS!!

I'll update again soon. Love y'all! Good night :)