Sunday, March 2, 2014

Years & Years

Hello everyone!! I enjoyed my day yesterday hehehe we celebrated our 3rd year anni in advance cause we wanted to spend more time with each other in case if something comes up on Monday then we can't meet up, or that we can only just meet for dinner. I shall update about it another day ;)
My breakfast for today!!


Early dinner the other day with my class peeps cause we had a photoshoot at night in the school.

With my dearest boyfriend <3

Dinner at this chinese restaurants with my fav people <3

On thursday, my class went to the SAF, Sembawang Camp. Had so much fun there cause I am kinda interested in all the army stuff but no, I am not planning to join the army. That would be crazy!!

Our first station was where we checked out all the vehicles. And then, we camouflaged our faces!! HAHAHA

We got on this truck vehicle and went to take the duck ride!!

I can't really open my eyes due to the sunlight hahaha my eyes are very sensitive!!! 

We got on the bus to go back to school and slept through the whole bus ride. Everyone was very tired!! Sadly, we had to attend our class still, so during our break, Jobie and I went to wash our face. Had to use the soap to wash off the camo :(


I went to meet my babies after school on Friday and we went to it fair hehehe and also, for my dearest Jeslin's birthday dinner <3
Sunflower pullover crop top from @berrylove2shop(instagram). Quote "vanessaberryl2s" to get 1 free gift upon purchasing 3 items! Don't forget to follow them on instagram for often updates of lovely yet trendy apparels. Shop away now! ;)

Walked around mbs after that and took our ootd HAHAH then we went to toast box to eat cause we were very hungry!

HAHAHA this is lala saying "1, 2, 3 and go" when I was taking my ootd

Headed to scape after our late lunch to meet Joey there and they were giving out free Taylor Swift ice cream!

HAHAHA this was edited by Jeslin!

We went to Sakae Sushi to settle down first. And we took the sushi that we want while we waited Joey to reach.

We talked A LOT, and the service at Sakae Sushi wasn't that good....... We gave feedback HAHAHA! Alright, that's it for today! Will be back tomorrow with a special post hehehe do stay tune! ;)