Thursday, March 13, 2014

Space Invasion MEGA SALE!!!

Hello everybody!!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR MY EDGE CAMP!!! IT'S TOMORROW YOU GUYS!!! HAHAHAHA I'm sure that there'll be an update full of my class's selfies and pictures. Alright, I shouldn't bore you with all this... There's a little something for you at the end of this post ;)

HAHA this was saved from a snapchat so it was suppose to be sending to my friend, ignore my middle finger hahaha but the picture turned out quite nice!!

Candid photo taken by beeting hahaha

Hello everyone, sooo if you followed me on instagram, you'll know what is in for you all!


I will be giving away 5 VIP PASSES for the upcoming Space Invasion Mega Sale at the Cathay this coming 22nd and 23rd March (1-6PM)! Prices are all from $5. Brands like ELLYSAGEASHINCANS etc. will be there at the mega sale!

All you have to do is:
1) Go on Instagram, follow me @vanessasecretkey & @spaceinvasionsg
2) Comment on the photo that I have posted(the photo above) "I WANT VIP PASSES"
3) Tag 2 of your friends in that comment

I will be picking the 5 lucky winners who can then bring along a friend to the event. Contest will end on 19 March, 6PM. The 5 lucky winners will be announced by 8PM. Good luck <3 <3 <3