Sunday, February 16, 2014


Hello everyone! Back for a short update. Hehehe so two days ago, it was Valentines Day. And I really enjoyed my quality time with him, just chilling and chatting away. We don't meet up as often as last time because we're in different schools now so I'll treasure every second that I have with him. Okay, enough with all this, I think I have said this more than a thousand times man!
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As usual, he waited for me at the mrt cause I am always late hahaha he told me to open his bag and help him get something, when I opened his bag, I immediately went to hug him and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

So yes, he gave me this HAHAHAH

Heading to Menchie's cause I was craving for yogurt, again HAHAHAHA. It was 1 for 1 on that day so we got this two cups at $8 if I am not wrong!! We added quite a lot of toppings.

We settled down, took pictures, polaroids and talked. 

I look funny but whatever, I love this picture omg!

So yep, that sums up my day on 14/2!

Hehe what we did in class!

Out with Effie on the 15th feb hehehe (ps, we took tons of pictures)
(I know that Effie's hands are in a very inappropriate place and it looks very wrong but she didn't put her hand there on purpose)

Before I begin with what we did on that day, do you remember like 3 months ago, when I talked about that someone on my blog and how I got out of my comfort zone and just let bygones be bygones?

Yes, I was talking about Effie!!! Hahaha

We got into lots of fights and arguments over the past 4 years in our secondary school life, thinking back, I pretty much wasted most of my time bitching and talking bad about her HAHAHAH. Everyone knew that we hated each other, well hate is a strong word so... we disliked each other, find each other very annoying & couldn't tolerate each other.

I am glad that now we've left all of that horrible stuff behind & have told each other about the nastiest things that we've said about each other, we just wanted to be honest and start a new friendship, so here's to a long lasting friendship <3

Okay I should move on....

She went to get The Lego Movie tickets first and when I met her, I thought there would be awkward silences but NOOOOOO, we clicked really well and we were talking away like nobody's business. 
Oh, and in the cinema, I think there was something wrong with the sound system so they had to pause and restart the movie. Me and Effie wanted to like go approach the staff there HAHAHA

After the movie, we settled down somewhere at Scape and talked, we got to know about each other more and we had heart to heart talks. Bet that all of you thought we wouldn't hit off really well but our conversation never stopped!

Early dinner at Astons hehehehe

So yup, that sums up my first half of the day. Really enjoyed myself! Hehehe looking forward to our next meet up and I really hope you liked the cup that I gave you ;) <3

Btw, both of us already know that there'll be people who will say "omg I thought they hated each other", "woah they used to say bad things about each other and now they're hanging out" or whatever. We are already prepared for all the bitching & nasty comments. ;)

Thank you, we know that we're very interesting until the point where you actually dedicate your precious time to just talk about us & our past. ;)

So later in the evening on 15 feb, I met my friend and we headed to Avril's concert! OMFGGGGG!!!!

(sorry, my pictures are not that good cause my camera ran out of battery)

It was the best night of my freaking life!!! I love you Avril Lavigne!! <3

Sadly, I reached the place late so all the merchandise were sold out, but nvm, I can always buy it online!! Hehehehe. Alright, that's all for today. It is 1:40AM right now, time for me to hit the sack. Good night. :)