Saturday, February 22, 2014


Hi y'all! I'm so excited for later omg uss with my fav girls <3 I can't wait!!!!

In case if you haven't read my previous updates:
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So we woke up early in the morning, headed for breakfast, dim sum again...... This time round, my cousin ordered like A LOT!!!

The pictures above are just half of what we ate.

OMFG so freaking huge!!!!!

I thought this jelly drink would be nice, I thought it would be strawberry flavor or something but NO, it is some herbal drink omg but thank God that my mom finished it for me. Time to buck up on my chinese HAHAHA


The amount of luggage that we're bringing back to sg is ridiculous...

Had our late lunch before we got on the plane!

We were the last who board the plane and phewwww thank God we made it on time!!

I couldn't get any sleep on the plane cause I was sitting at the aisle seat, I always take the window seat :(((( so I got ice cream and then after awhile, I finally slept. Landed in Singapore at around 11+PM and we went for some perfume shopping at the airport. Then we headed home! I did not went to bed straight after I reach home, I was busy unpacking HAHAHAHA

Alright, will update tmr again! Can't wait to meet my girls later on at 8 in the morning hehehehe good night!