Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Hello everybody. Was too tired yesterday so I went to sleep instead of blogging, so sorry! :( Just some pics the other day when I was out with jes and trex...

Jes and her ass HAHAHA


Went to Sentosa with Joey, Jes, Cass and Trex on Sunday to spend a day out with Joey for her early birthday celebration. We all got the Sentosa Day Pass ticket which was worth it but some activities needs someone who is 18 as a guardian so that we can play, argh we were damn frustrated! We met early for mac breakfast!

The sunflower girls

It's cute how Sentosa has all this signs. I will just let the pictures do the talking okay!

Our first stop was Fort Siloso. And the statues over there makes me have goosebumps all over my body...

There is also a laser tag battle game there and I had hell lots of fun. Me cass and jes teamed up & trex and joe teamed up. My team won of course, cause we had more people. We asked lots of stupid questions and I think the person explaining to us how to play was damn frustrated cause we also kept screaming in the midst of the game HAHAH.

Stupid peacock who flew above and scare the shit out of us HAHAHA

Our second stop!!!! All the rides/games wasn't that thrilling but I still had fun hehe

Butterfly park!!!


Whose afraid of butterflies?

Got on the Tiger Sky Tower after that! And we took lots of pictures.

Trex and Jes's eyes

We got starbucks after that yayyyy!!

And also had pizza for lunch

Cycling after walking a longgggg distance!!

We cycled to Siloso beach to play The Flying Trapeze and we needed someone who is 18 so we just approached someone to sign the paper for us HAHAHA

We all kinda failed cause the crew there totally didn't help us at all omg, they were super arrogant and rude!

After our ice cream break, we walked all the way back to MegaBounce! The crew there was super friendly and nice. He gave me, jes and cass to play for like 10 mins??? Cause we can only jump for 3 mins but he extended omg he is too nice and we kept on thanking him!

This is me doing a flip HAHA




We took polaroids at the beach(pics will be at the end of the post), and then we got on the sky ride & luge HEHEHE my fav!!!

Waiting for lala cause she fell off of the luge, we were going way too fast HAHAHA

And we took the cable car back to vivo yay heheh

While we were walking to vivo, this two russian guys approached us and asked for direction, I think we explain until they want to take a cab there instead HAHAHA

This was taken while jes and trex were secretly buying a cake for joey hahah their acting damn good pls!!

And you know what Joey was doing, she was hugging and touching me to make this guy waiter at sushi tei feel uncomfortable HAHAHAHA

Dinner at sushi tei!

Hehe just a few of the polaroids taken!!

When jes and trex finally came back, we shouted and sang birthday song for Joey hahah she's damn cute omg

Yep, so this sums up my day with them at Sentosa hehehe, I'm too lazy to type too so pardon me if I have any typos! The one day package was actually worth it. We didn't go for 4/5 activities only! So it was worth the money! 


Happy belated birthday Joey! I have already said what I wanna say on the message yesterday hehehe I love you so much <3

Just some pictures I took over the past 2 days!

Hehe went to meet cass, jes and trex yesterday!

Me and jes hahaha do we look alike here

Alright, that's all for today! Sorry for the draggy post. Good night everybody!