Monday, February 17, 2014


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and also, if you haven't read the other post that I posted up today, here it is:

Hi guys!! Back to update on my overseas trip hehehe. Woke up early in the morning and we went down for breakfast! :)

Then we went to shop, so I didn't take any pictures!

Sushi for lunch!!!!

Took a train back to Guang Zhou

Then, we took a cab to Royal Marina Plaza Hotel

We stayed in the hotel after we reached and just settle down and chill cause we were rushing here and there.

Went to shop again hehehe

And this time I got lots of shoes! It was buy 1 get 1 free/buy 1 get 2 free so I literally went crazy and all of us messed up the whole shop HAHAHA I felt damn bad for the young lady so I helped her tidy the place up abit since I was the first one who chose what I want and paid.

Love this drink omfg!!

To be very honest, I really hate the toilet there.......... It's all squat one and the cubicles don't even have tissue!!! I was complaining about the toilet half of the time when I was there HAHAHA

My food yayyyyyyyyyy!

Most of the shops were closed so we ended up eating at this place, not that bad eh!

So.... My cousin said something really funny cause I couldn't stop disturbing him & he told me to shut up and "go continue eat your white white stuff(ice cream)" and the both of us couldn't stop laughing the whole time when I was suppose to be enjoying my ice cream. I don't even know why we were laughing. And you know that laughing is contagious right? HAHA everyone started laughing too.

That's all for now! Alright, good night, it is 11:10PM right now hahaha I should get to sleep cause I have to wake up super early for school tomorrow... Good night everybody! Sweet dreams :)