Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Met my babies a few days after I am back in Singapore, settled down at Bao Today for early dinner and we(Cass, jes, trex and I) ordered some dim sum while waiting for Joey to come.

My mango pudding... Which didn't taste as good as I think it was gonna be.

So Joe came and we ordered yay!!! Me jes and trex shared a plate of noodles cause we weren't that hungry.

Headed to Jeslin's house after that and we gambled HAHA at first, I was losing money but in the end I won almost all of my money back hehehe.

Cass didn't gamble with us, she just played LoL.

This bitch is crazy omgggg

Cute right hahaha Hello Kitty cards.


Andddd we called Shao Zheng and asked him to come down and gamble with us hehehe, he was taking such a long time so we went up to see if he was coming down or not cause we wanted to scare him.

HAHAH the door bell didn't work so we knocked on the door instead. I think the maid came out to see who it was cause we ran away. Joe went downstairs, me and jes just hide at the other side, hoping that the maid won't walk over to us HAHAH damn funny omg I cannot!!!

Joey coming up to our floor HAHA

Shao Zheng came down, we tried to scare him but failed HAHAHA 

Hahaha poor Joey!

Yep, that's all for today's update! There will be adverts coming up soon, so girls, do look forward to it ;) Haven't had the time to do adverts cause of school :( Good night y'all!