Thursday, February 20, 2014


Hello everyone! Here to update my second last day of my vacation HAHAHA. My afternoon class was cancelled due to graduation ceremony. And I only went to school for 30 mins for my oral presentation. I know it's a waste of time but I need to score well for my oral presentation. I just watched pll's latest episode!! Omg, all the pll fans, WATCH IT LIKE RIGHT NOWWWW!!!!! Alright, moving on...

These two pictures were taken the night on day 6 :)

Had dim sum for breakfast, AGAIN! We also had porridge, and the porridge there is 100 times better than Singapore's one.

We wanted to take a cab to chimelong paradise but we decided to take a train there instead.

Their train token, so cool right!!

The moment when we stepped inside, we were all busy "wow-ing" about how high the roller coaster is. Actually, when we were walking to get our tickets, I was super excited to get on the roller coaster. It is 20 storey high!!! OMFG

And... We didn't get to go on all the rides cause we only had time till 3+ as we need to head back to hk, so the 3 of us(me and my other 2 cousins) decided to get on the rides that we like.

So after we snapped pictures of the roller coaster, me and my other two guy cousins went on it!! We were super excited and the ride was AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE!! Oh and fyi, I love roller coasters <3
The first time when it was going down, it stopped for 3 seconds and leave everyone hanging there then we went down. Super shiok omg, but it wasn't as shiok as the Ocean Park's roller coaster.

Second stop: Giant Frisbee

You can only feel the drop when you reach the top, still, it is not as shiok as the Ocean Park one cause this is only 180 degree turn and not 360 degree.

Hahaha my high score is only 56....

After we got our ice cream, we headed to the 4D Theater to watch Green Lantern.

The seat poked our back at one part of the show HAHAHA and it hurts!!


Our next stop was Half Pipe.

This is da bomb!! It glides up & down hehehe

The inversion roller coaster!!!!!!

This ride has lots of rapid upturn and it gave me headache cause my head kept banging onto the side of the seats HAHAHA the rest half of the ride, I had to lean my head to one side cause my head really hurts...

Motorbike Launch Coaster!!!
The girl beside me looked down the whole time and kept screaming non-stop & I was just enjoying the whole ride, I felt like an eagle on that ride HAHAHA

We went on the inversion roller coaster again cause my relatives didn't dare to go on it but I persuaded them and they did hehehe

After I got stuff for my friends, Jun Hao and I ran to the Dive Coaster while the others slowly walk to the entrance. We got on that ride 4 times + the first time = 5 times!!! Wanted to go for another round but nah, we kinda got bored of it HAHAHA and we got this picture below, it was taken when we were "going up".

We headed to Guang Zhou and took a train back to hk, I can't remember how we got back cause I was tired as HELL!!

It felt really good to be back in hk, it was at night, and the weather was very chilly. Finally got back to Shamrock hotel and they gave us a bigger hotel room!!

We headed out for dinner. My mom and the rest went to eat steamboat :( but it's okay, I wasn't even hungry at all cause I just wanted to sleep!! HAHAHA

When we went back to the hotel, I bathed first then KO-ed. I am usually the last one to sleep cause I'll be busy with all my gadgets but this time, I was really very tired hahaha.

That's all for today's update! It's TGIF tomorrow! YAY! I can't wait for this Sunday btw hehehe USS with my babies <3 <3 <3 Good bye, till then!!