Friday, February 14, 2014


Hello!!! We all headed to HK Macau Ferry Terminal in the morning and I shall just let the pictures do the talking! Oh and by the way, Happy Valentines Day everybody! Xoxo

And yay we reached the hotel! It is super grand omg!!! We all wanted to stay there but at the end of the day, we decided to go Zhu Hai instead and book the hotel rooms in advance.

We can actually see the casino from the holes on the wall!!

Settled down for lunch!

We finally reached the very famous Christian cathedral, it is a 400 years historical building!!!

LOL MY COUSIN NOT WILLING TO TAKE A PHOTO! I was closing my eyes all the way in all the photos sia...
The weather is super hot and I can barely open my eyes.

Walked back to our hotel, just look at the amount of people...

My mommy <3

Took a cab to zhuhai and our taxi driver drove superrrrr fast, it was a fun experience but VERY DANGEROUS AND SCARY.

And finally, after the long wait, we reached our hotel!

We stayed at L Hotel btw!! Hahaha

DINNERRRRRRRR YAY!!! It is annoying how the people there smoke EVERYWHERE, even in shopping malls om-to-the-fg!

After dinner, we rested for awhile and went for foot massage, the adults went for body massage!

The water is super hot!!!

I fell asleep after the massage while waiting for the rest to finish their full body massage session HAHAHAH my cousin told me that I was sleeping like a pig and he called me more than 20 times... Did nothing much actually so I'll just end this post here. Will update soon again, till then!!