Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Hello beautiful people!! Though it's Christmas Eve today but I still have to go to work :'( the only thing to be happy is that I received xmas presents yay!!! I haven't open them yet, gonna wait till tomorrow!! 

Went to Jurong West Swimming Complex with Damien and his cousin on Sunday. I enjoyed myself!! Alright, shall let the pictures do the talking!! 


Look how happy I am when I'm around him hehehe <3

The guy at the back and that light thingy kinda ruined our pic :(

Finally, an advert!! So sorry for the delays cause of work and I always get home damnnnnn late. I'll be very free from next year onwards, so I'll be opening up to more advertorials etc.!! Email me for more enquiries regarding sponsorships & adverts! xanelleveronica@hotmail.com

Clara is kind enough to sponsor me some beauty items, I also purchased some items from her instashop!! I'm so sorry cause I delayed your advert for such a long time :(((

Here are the two items that she sponsored me, a nose lifting tool & a colgate wisp!

Reading the instructions on how to use the nose lifting tool:

For those who want a sharper & higher nose bridge, this tool is very effective!! You can just put it on while you read a book or watch your favourite korean dramas/drama! This tool is super cute, and it's small so you can carry it around in your bag and use it anytime. It's only $5.90. Isn't it cheap?! Plus, this product is from Japan and shoppony4food sold lots of pieces already.

This mini toothbrush is soooo cute!! (well sort of a mini toothbrush right HAHAHA)

I know I look stupid here but who brushes their teeth and still have that glam face HAHAHA (well in the movie, it'll happen)

Hehe wherever I go now, I can keep my teeth clean and fresh!! I really love my flavour, plus it's in pink, mine is the Icy Bubble, there's also cool mint, peppermint & spearmint. It is selling at 1 for $2.50 and 4 pieces for $8!!! So go get this colgate wisp and keep your teeth clean and fresh after a meal!! ;)

All this small little tools, you can get them at low low prices from @shoppony4food(instagram), quote "vanessateo" for $1 off all instocks! She don't only sell all this beauty products, she also sell off instocks, cheap and affordable! What are you waiting for?!?!?! Go and get your things from shoppony4food now!!


Alright, bye you all!! Will upload a 2013 video diary on my YouTube channel at the end of the year, or maybe 1st January!! See you guys real soon again, oh and I wish every single one of you a Merry Christmas!! Enjoy yourself during this special festive season/day!! :)