Wednesday, December 4, 2013



Hehe I am trying to blog more often now so that I can keep all of you entertain ;-)

My boy is in Phuket now!!!!!! Hope he's having fun for the past two days, he bought a sim card just so that we could whatsapp and talk, awwww! We have been sending silly pictures and videos to each other HAHAHAH I can't even...... *laughing emoji* I can't wait for him to get back, miss that smile of his, it always brightens up my day.

I can't wait to meet up with Cass and pass her the present omggggg!!! Happy belated birthday to you gurlll(her birthday was on the 2nd December) <3

Okayyyyyy I should just let the pictures do the talking!!

pardon my face here okay, MY HAIR IS SO MESSY!!! I hate it when he looks good in a picture but I don't, I can rarely find a photo that both of us look good in :-(

the soup spoon!! I was too hungry that I forgot to take a picture, only when I finish the bread then I remembered HAHAHA

Saw this at Bershka (calling out to all the 1D fans xoxo) 

A chair for my phone ;-)


Girls!!! Shop at dopestreetboutique now and you can get free strip vouchers from them!!! Love their new collection, shop away now xoxo


Yes finally, an advert on bellessecret!

I absolutely love all their apparels, their items are affordable! And the owner is superrrrrr nice too!! BY THE WAYYYYYYYYYY, she's taking in order for your fav brands like Brandy Melville, Forever 21, American Apparel and Bath & Body Works so send in your orders NOW!!!! I have already sent in mine ;-)

Faded Knit Crop Pullover in pink

You girls would probably know why I chose this HAHAHA cause it's PINK!!! I will never slip the chance to choose something pink from blogshops/instashop hehe. Love this piece so much, the material is super thin so it is suitable for sg's weather, it is a little translucent though so you'll need to wear a tube inside ;-)
Big Daisy Pullover in black

Another pullover!!! The material is quite thick, perfect for cold weathers but sadly it is VERY sunny in sg... :-( but I still love this piece a lot, I mean like, IT'S DAISIESSSSSSSSS! <3 <3 <3

Y'all must be thinking "what's up with her and pullovers" hahaha I don't know man, I just love it so much, it is like my nov/dec favs, maybe cause christmas is coming!!

Shop away at @bellessecret (instagram) now and quote "vanessateo" to get $1 off your total purchase!! Happy shopping girls <3

Will update again soon, till then! Xoxo