Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Hi guys, back for an updateeeeee!!!

So happy right now cause my boy is back hehehe. Anyway, look at how perfect Kylie is!!! Self esteem = -00000

Ugh I hate waking up for work. Some people in my department are just fucked up, oh God!!! I can't stand it when adults act like kids lol. Anywayyyy I'm getting my results very soon omgggggg AM SO SCARED TO DEATH, I'm sure everyone is.

Took my half day off from work to spend time with my boyfriend hehehe had a movie marathon with him just now, I miss this boy so much!!!

Ok moving on....

On Saturday, I met up with Cass first after work and I went all the way to loyang point to look for her and almost got lost, omg that place is damn ulu can, well cass's colleague told me the wrong info and I got down at the wrong bus stop :((( We went to meet Jeslin and Joey after that. Wanted to buy Avril Lavigne's concert tickets(except for Joey) but we found out that the free standing has queue numbers..... From now on, every concert, we can only go in batch by batch :'((((( so Cass decided that she don't wanna go then me & jes were deciding whether we want cat 1 and in the end we left the place with nothing, I was so sad okay!!!!!!! But it's okay, I got the tix to her concert with my other fried so yayyyyy!!!

Took a cab to bugis after that cause Joey wanted to go to the arcade very badly to play midnight 4. Jes and joe damn crazy sia, they got marathon that night but they still continued and play and play and play HAHAHA

Joey and Jeslin rush home for their marathon, me and Cass went to eat dinner.


I finally visited bedok mall, woah it's damn big!!!!!!

Went to mbs with Sijie cause I wanted to buy a new wallet and something from VS and she got something for her boyfriend ;) after we got our things, we went to vivo so that I could get something for my boyfriend!
And our last stop was bugis. We were tired as hell, and I got blister on my feet :((((

HAHAHAH so on Monday, I went to meet Jeslin at CHIJEMS cause apparently, there was a flea there but, the funny thing is that when we got there, there were only 3 booths..... 3 FREAKING BOOTHS OMG!!!! Worst flea ever, but at least we got something from the flea. There were a lot of booths few days ago though, sigh... We kinda wasted our trip to CHIJEMS! 

Headed to bugis after that and we walked around bugis street.

I love her hair OMGGGGGGGGG!!! Jeslin is so lucky cause she can dye her hair for free :( anyway, we saw Constance too!!! I tapped on her and said hi to her hahaha

We were really very sian after the 'flea' so we didn't buy anything... But we went to the arcade after that to play midnight 4 and Mario hehehe! I lose to Jeslin on midnight 4 but I won her on Mario even though my machine was faulty :p We didn't even realize that it was already 10 when we left the arcade HAHAHAH

Even though the flea sucked but I still had a great time with this slut, love her to death <3

Went to town after work on Tuesday to meet my boy, LIKE FINALLY!!!! I missed him so much!!!!
We exchanged presents & he got me a new bag from Bangkok, not only that, he also put a bag of sweets and a freaking moschino cover omg!!! This boy is full of surprises!!! Walked around town and got what we want then we headed to vivo.

Settled down at st marc cafe and I had ice creaaaaaaaaam!!!! 

Happy boy with his new hat!

Walked around tangs & the Last Christmas song was playing and I was singing along at the chorus part then Damien said "we already spent 2 Christmas together and I didn't give away your heart" and I smiled hahaha this guy ah...

That's all for now, 14 more days to Christmas! I can't wait!! Till then, xoxo!!