Thursday, December 19, 2013


Hi guys, it is 11:22AM now and I was watching the heirs & vlogmas vids by my fav youtubers. I was so happy this morning cause I finally had the time to just watch pewdiepie's vids!!! Finally, the walking dead season 2 is out, it is funny how I enjoy watching him play all this games but when I play it, it's kinda boringggggggg. 

Anyway, I have to be in school later at 2, gonna meet Jeslin for lunch and we're off to school to know our results.... I'm scared as hell y'all!!! I don't expect myself to get no.1 but a pass is good enough for me... How I wish I can rewind time and study EVEN HARDER THAN BEFORE!!! Whatever, it's all gonna be over soon and what's done, is done, there's nothing I can do. MY HEART IS GOING TO JUMP OUT OF MY BODY SOON. My boyfriend is not going to school cause he's not feeling well, this guy ah, forever making me worried about him. :(


Hello again!!

It's 9:48PM now and I just got home, such a long and tiring dayyyyyyy!! I'm quite satisfied with my results except for humans... I hope everyone did well for their n's!! For sure I am going to miss Bartley and the people from there, really hope we'll still keep in contact after we go on our separate ways. (oh God, so tired I can't even think of what to type)

Lunch with Jeslin at Mad Jack before heading to school this morning!!! And we were crossing our fingers. Am so happy for her cause she's one of the top students in my batch!!! :')

We(Me, Jeslin, Joey, Trexie, Rachael and Sabrina) went to seoul garden for late lunch!

(slip in platform shoes from shopmiyage, advert will be up soon)

Bf wearing my cardigan HAHAHAH

Met up with Cassandra for dinner. I really enjoyed my day with her, hope we'll have more meet ups like this where we can just settle down for dinner, walk around & talkkkkkkk!!

Alright, will end my post here. See you guys tomorrow again, from now on I'll just to update my blog everyday! Planning to get a new camera and I can start with my nov/dec favs video!!! I know that it is abit late but I really cant't find the time to do a new video cause of work :(((

Hahaha and I have 2 youtube accounts, one for uploading videos(burnedcigaretteroses) and the other is for watching vlogs & stuff(Vanessa Teo)!!!

Okay byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Xoxo