Monday, December 23, 2013


I don't know know how many times I've said this but I HATE WAKING UP FOR WORK!!!! I feel very blessed cause I have my mom by my side, constantly reminding me to study hard and when I asked her if I could go to work(last time) she always said "No, you can get your allowance from me." and there are 2 reasons why she said no, 1) She's afraid that I would think in the "no need to study lah since it is so easy to get a job" (but I won't think that if I can work then I don't need to study lah, I'm sure most of the parents will think this way, yes?) 2) I'm still kinda young to go to work.

Since I want to buy myself a new camera, I asked my mom if I could go to work, and she finally agreed cause I told her that since it's the holidays & I'd rather go to work than stay at home to rot/go out to spend all my money... And yeah, my current job right now is my first ever job!! It's a good experience though. Even though there's so many complicated people in my working environment but I still love my job anyway.


So on Saturday(21/12/2012), I went to Sijie's house to choose the courses that we want for next year, shortly after that, I went to meet my babygirl Jeslin <3

I was late to meet her as usual.... I'm so sorry bby :(

We walked around Bugis before we headed to town, it's been a longgggg time since I have been to town. Went to lucky plaza; forfleasake and it was quite disappointing cause I only got a necklace from there, but it was only $5 so yay!!

My outfit for the day!

Rach reached town and we went to meet her. Suppose to go to the sam willow's gig with her but I wanted to shop very badly so in the end she went with Adriana. So sorry babe. :( She went to get her shoes at cine, this rich girl, can spend $70+ on a pair of shoes omg!?!?!

This guy came towards us and asked us to download the app that they just created and we can win an mini iPad in the lucky draw, I didn't want to join and waste my time so I just stood there and stare into space.

Rach left after that, me and Jeslin continued to shop around at Scape.

Sorry babygirllllllll, I love you <3

Took our ootd pictures at the artsy place at the back of Scape, hahahaha everyone who walked pass gave that "I'm judging you" look!

Had our dinner at koufu cause we were kinda broke HAHAHAHA
That's all!! Hehe next post will be up tomorrow!! :))

Adore this couple, love them so much!!

Alright, that's all for today! See you all tomorrow <3