Saturday, December 28, 2013


 Went to meet Damien and his mom today for late lunch at Jurong Point today!

Walked around jp and my boy finally got his new specs! We also visited adidas cause his mom wanted to buy some stuff from there, and I wanna buy the shoes so badly!!! Ok I need to save up. (hehe took this when he said "no you should tie it like that, not tuck it in")

Dessert timeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Headed back to his house and we took some pictures before taking a cab home! It's nice to hear his mom telling me about the things that happened when he was younger, damn funny lah omg, after hearing it, I laughed sooo hard HAHAHA!

With the tired boy

This is the super adorable cat that recognize Damien's meow-ing sound, I wanna bring it home so badly but I can't HAHAHA

See you guys soon again, bye!