Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hello December, Goodbye November.

Wow, time passed so fast...

It's already December now, hahaha people say that the world is ending on 21/12/2012... Hmmm I don't know if it is true but I don't think so. Nobody knows when the world's gonna end hahaha.

Through all this 11 month, I have really grown a lot, I grew stronger, mentally. 

Not looking forward to 2013 though, I need to work real hard next year. Not just for my mum, or any person, but for myself. Because I don't want to end up doing a job that I hate to do... WOW, thinking about my future is just so difficult... I can't depend on my mum anymore in the future and I need to go out and join the working society.

I can totally imagine how my boss would nag on me, how clumsy I will be at work or whatever. HAHAHA I am so not ready. Spending money is easy but earning it? IT IS DIFFICULT AS FUCK.

Money involves in everything. I wonder how I am gonna cope with all the money problems because I am a shopaholic... But, I'm learning how to save money, which is hard but I'm willing to try. HAHAHA

Can't always get money from my mum right. She's not my ATM machine. I wanna go to work, but she didn't allowed me to because she said it will be very tiring and she said if I need money, just ask from her (but I will feel bad, that is why I wanna work). She's afraid that I would think, if I can earn money on my own now, I will not study (WHAT LOGIC, OBVIOUSLY I WILL STUDY EVEN IF I HAVE A JOB NOW RIGHT...) But it is for my own good, so I need to listen to her.

Alright, moving on...

Just some pictures first hahaha

OOTD, out with mum and sister...

Mac with sister while mum goes to her facial appointment...

Hahaha we went to popular to buy some stuffs, doing a scrapbook for someone. ;)

(Y) best boyfriend lah sialllllllllllllllllll. But I STILL LOVE MY BOYFRIEND, HE TAKE CARES OF ME WHEN I'M SICK TOO ;)

Simple OOTD, movie marathon with my boy over at his house... 

We watched Sinister and Quarantine 2 only, because he was busy with HoN hehehe but I'm a good girlfriend, I let him play a match cause he said he only needed 1 last match hahha

So gorgeous omg I LOVE ARIANA GRANDE <3


OOTD, jb with mummy and sis!

Bought Old Chang Kee for myself because I was hungry...

My fringe is so long now, and it is so irritating >:(

Mummy didn't want to take any pictures because she got a pimple HAHAHAH WHAT MY MUM DAMN VAIN LOR PLEASEEEEEEE!!!

Settled down at Starbucks for awhile...

Headed to somewhere near sutera mall, lots of shop houses there!!! Idk if it is shop houses or not hahah

Lunch over here...

I look weird here... but whatever hahah

The food is hereeeeeeeeeeee


"rice you also want to take, haiyo" said by my mum...


The shops there are pretty weird, when you want to go in, you can't open the door, they need to press some button inside then you can go in. And some shops, you need to remove your shoes and then you can go in hahahah

There's a mirror, so what I do is CAMWHORE HEHEHE

And then we walked to sutera mall...


What taeyeon is wearing is nice too. SO PRETTEHHHHH

We bought lots of stuffs, so mum stuffed everything into a big plastic bag, so it's easier for me to carry hahaha.

Look at the small little girl, she's adorable!!!

Poor Santa in the rain...

Took a cab back to the custom and settled down at kfc... THE CHICKEN IS NOT THAT NICE.... LOL I prefer sg's one...

My buys... My sister bought like tons of clothes... Because mum says that she has a very limited amount of clothes, I mean, compared to mine, her's is very little hahaha.

Taken today, in the afternoon ^_^

Ending this post with a picture of me, I blurred it because I look kinda sleepy hahaha whatever...

Till next time xoxo