Saturday, December 15, 2012


I am so mad at myself. I am such a lazy ass and I am too lazy to get up, go get ready and head to the warehouse sale with my friends... Why oh why! I'm such a lazy ass omfg!!!

But it's okay lah, I also need my rest. There will be other sales the next time! So bored right now so I am blogging with my phone. Soooo I just watched ANTM with my sister and oh God, they are so flawless and pretty... But some are just plain bitches because all they do is bitch about other girls or two face them lol the girl drama... Seriously out of control. And some just do nothing but complain and complain and complain.... HAHAHAHA

I got nothing to blog about... Someone suggest me what to blog about hahaha!

Anyways, someone on fs asked how the whole VARA was formed... Hmm...

All 4 of us (Adriana, Rachael and Ariel) weren't close friends at all... Well, we were in the same Chinese class this year and I guess that is what brought us closer. But previously we were friends and sometimes we hang out, we are also in the same cca so yeah... Hahaha

One day we went out after school together and when we were on our way back we decided to create a whatsapp group and we were just thinking of what subject we should put... At first we were like thinking about "RAVA" but it sounded so weird so I suggest "VARA" and it worked out perfectly fine hahaha. So yeah that is how we got really close and now we are best friends for life hahaha

I really can't wait to grow up man. And attend all my friend's wedding. Or even maybe my own wedding hahaha but that would be weird. It's so cool, to go to your OWN FRIEND'S WEDDING in stead of going to your relative's/mum or dad's friend's wedding blah blah blah so on and forth...


One moment it is so sunny and it's like the weather is calling you to go to the beach and the other moment, it rains and it is telling you to stay home and don't get wet... (sounds abit wrong ah but all of you get it hahaha)

DAMN IT! How can I survive in this kind of weather?! OMG IS IT RAINING HEAVILY NOW... Who else thinks that the weather is a complete plan spoiler/ruiner? Put your hands up. *me raising my hands up high*

I'm gonna stop with the rants and yeah... Some pictures hahaha you'll probably die after reading this because it is boring. Well, suggest me something to blog about on fs/twitter!!!

Photos are not in order! :)

Alright bye!!!