Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hi everyone!
Since this is the 100th post... I will bring back some memories when I was young! 
For those who haven't watch the videos I recently uploaded on Youtube... Here you go!

WHEN I TURNED 1.... (Mum said that my hair very hard to grow long when I was young hahahaha)

Daddy carrying me and smallest uncle carrying my sister hahaha, during my aunt's birthday


My thailand trip

One of my grandmother's worker carrying me...

MY SISTER SO CUTE OMG.... I miss daddy :(

Thailand with daddy!

Graduation day, when I was K2 hahaha

With my shen shen at the zoo ^_^ she was carrying her daughter, Ariel. And she was having her baby daughter, Amber, who is now already a pretty girl!

I really miss my dad so much... I still remember the night before he went out with his best friend, he told me and my sister to take good care of ourselves...
The next morning, I received a call, when I was preparing for school (back then I was p5...), the call was freaking weird... This guy told me is my mum was at home, I called my mum and passed my mum the phone.. I didn't know it was the police... After my mum cried like mad when the officer told her something, I was scary, terrified... Then she told us what happened, I don't know what to do or say. I was shocked, and sad and feeling terrible... I didn't had the mood for school either...
My grandfather and uncle came to pick my mum up while we head for school.... What my mum told me about my dad after we got home from school was really really horrible... 
I didn't think it was true..... I thought this was all a dream... But in the end? It is true... That feeling sucks... I hate it, losing my father was the worst thing that has ever happened to me... 

The funeral, during the second day, my father's dead body teared... I don't know how it happened but all I could do is cry... The "shi fu" brought me and my sister and my mom to the place where my dad met with an accident... I hold-ed on to the big and thick joss stick, holding on to my dad's shirt and calling his spirit to follow us back... I was crying the whole time.............

People might say "eh this girl damn attention seeking sia" okay, say whatever you want but I'm just here to tell you people to really be grateful that both of your parents are still there for you, even if they nag on you or scold you a lot lah, but it's all for your own good... So be grateful for the things that they give you and tell you and just BE GRATEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went out with Adriana and Rachael today and we caught a movie!!! I shall just let the photos do the talking!!!

Goodbye, till next time xoxo