Sunday, December 30, 2012

MEMORIES... 2012!

2012 is coming to an end... And I am just here to sum up what I have learned/been through with all my friends in this post... Of course, there will be pictures too!

The thought of me being in sec 4 next year really scares me... Well, I have to suck it up and study very hard! I have to be prepared!!!

For all this 15 years of my life. I have grown a lot, and I have grown stronger too! I've learned my lesson and know what's right or wrong.

I am really grateful to have such wonderful people around me.. My family, my boyfriend and my friends... They are the reason why I am still mentally and physically strong despite all the negative comments that I have been receiving!

Looking back at the pictures that I took back when I was still in primary school, I HAD A REALLY GOOD LAUGH. The way I pose for pictures hahaha omg!!

I really miss my primary school friends. Well, a lot of us have gone to a different way but I hope that there will be a class outing very very very soon!! I miss them so sooooooooooo so much!!! 

And I look at all my primary school friends, they are all so pretty and tall omg(for the girls) and I am just the average looking girl AND I AM STILL SHORT.... SIGH I WANT TO BE TALLER!!!

Most friends come and go but I have wonderful friends who stick with me through thick and thin. I am so grateful to have them in my life! I really love all my close friends so so much, they mean the world to me, same goes to my boyfriend and my family!

I have to say this... But my boyfriend, friends and my family know me better than myself. Because sometimes I just break down and lose my real self. But they always find a way to make me smile and be happy again.


I remember when I had my first shoot... I was so scared and I was shivering like hell. I totally forgotten about all the poses that I have think of! Not to mention, Asyiha and Verena was there, which made me look worse because my self esteem dropped like shit. I was sad when I left because I am over there like 'help me help me I'm an ugly duckling and I don't know how to pose' and the two other models are just like 'pose pose pose pose' so easy for them...

But I bet that they were just like me when they had their first shoot! Asyiha made me feel better, because she pm-ed me on facebook about it and she said if I had any questions I can ask her and stuffs like that!! 

I thought most blogshop models are just like very un-friendly but no, I was wrong. THEY HELP YOU WHEN YOU ARE AT YOUR FIRST SHOOT. Asyiha's best friend kept smiling at me and I smiled back which made me very shyyyy hahahaha I almost fall down cause I was too intimidated by them...


Omg good times good times... But there were also very bad moments ah, Danish decided to punish the part a(s) and b(s)... But he had to ask Mr Koh first. SOOOOOO GUESS WHAT? Whatever they do, we had to do double. Yes, tiring but it is our fault that we didn't discipline them well...

I admit that sometimes I slack lahhhh but most of the times I am really very serious in my CCA. 

Woah, the worst times were when I had really bad cramps/stomachache/gastric... I couldn't stand and I feel like fainting. Glad that our teacher in charge were all understanding and they let me off and I rested. Phew... I FELT LIKE SHIT OMG. It really hurts I tell you. 


I love her mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, see the lady above, she is a very independent, mature and beautiful. She gives me the best advices and never fails to make me laugh!!! <3


Ever since I got close to this 3 girls, I HAVE NEVER BEEN SAD, like really. They make me go all crazy and hyper whenever I'm with them. THE BEST FRIENDS AH I TELL YOU. They know me well.

And what are best friends for? Embarrassing me... A new video will be up on YouTube by tuesday. They were embarrassing me most of the parts but most of it I cut it off. They kept asking me to talk but I was shyyyyyyyyyy hahaha very sudden lah!!!

The man of my life, the man that I love, the man that make my life so much better.

Hi boo!!!! You are the best damn thing that has ever happened to me!! I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU <3

Hello Elfian!

We have been in the same class for 3 years! This is the best guy friend you can ever find!! He is willing to play barbie doll with his little sis or little girls because he cares and he is such a great friend!!! Hard to find ya!!

The two best teachers in the whole wide world!

I think Ms Prema will still be my form teacher next year and I hope she doesn't pick me to be the vice-chairman anymore cause I don't like being in that position!!!

And Mr Chen...

He left Bartley already... :( 

Sigh!!! The best male teacher man!!!!!!!! He treated us to drinks every time after PE, well sometimes, other times he just help us to buy only. But on the very last few days of school where we had our last PE lesson, he treated us all to drinks! Sigh.. He is the best form teacher you can ever have too!! He was my ft back when I was sec 2....

Though he have a very bad temper but he tried his very best to put up with our bullshits cause our class was the noisiest and the most mischievous! Every single teachers complained about our class and they can't tahan but only Mr Chen and Ms Koh tahan lah sial!!!! Best ft <3

Being in 3N1 is also the same, also the noisiest and the most mischievous class. Teachers also complained about our class..... BOOHOO :( But obviously I was the good one and the quiet one!!!

I will never forget this day or delete this picture!!

Because before this picture was even taken, our relationship wasn't stable and we had a really hard time finding a good day to talk about all the problems that we were having... Because that period was just right when the EOYs began...

Sigh pie!!!

But... We decided to meet up, to have lunch together with each other and we both talked things out. I WAS SO HAPPY THAT I JUMPED AROUND WHEN I REACHED HOME... I NEVER FELT SO HAPPY IN MY LIFE BEFORE... 

Because before that when we were having big fights and quarrels... I was really not emotionally stable and really, I had a hard time coping with all my studies but I shake all the problems away when I was studying/doing my paper... But all the problems came back at night and I started getting emotional...

At that point of time I ranted a lot on twitter, and all the sad quotes popping up and all right!!! Hahaha

I am so glad that we are okay now. I know that he loves me very much and I mean the whole world to him because he broke down to and yeah.... I shall not mention what happened because all this are all the past!!!

This girl above, we always talk during chinese period and I failed some of my test just because of her and her chinese improved lehhhhhhhh hahaha I helped her!

She have been there for me a lot and listening to all my rants! I feel so embarrassed too because I cried in front of her like tons of times... 

It's funny how we fight with each other when our teacher wasn't looking at us. (LIKE REALLY, FIGHT. NOT PLAY PLAY ONE HAHAHA). This girl ah, very violent!!! But she is adorable and everybody adores her!!! 


So grateful so have him! He is such a sweetheart though he can be a jerk sometimes but he still loves and cares about me a lot!!! xoxo


That's all! I don't want to bore all of you so yeah...

The starting of the year have not been great but I am glad that the end of the year was awesome!! 

Wow... Time really do pass very fast huh? 

So fast.... And this year is gonna end soon! I hope that 2013 will be a good one although I'll be studying my ass off for my n lvls! I don't want to disappoint my mother! 

I also wish that everyone around me will be happy and will be always putting on a big smile wherever they go. I don't want to see any frowns anymore because it is too mainstream HAHAHA just kidding. I just want everyone to be happy.

I have really learnt a lot through this 12 months(almost lah hahaha), I know who my true friends are and who isn't. Who are the two face bitches, who betrayed me, who lied to me and who didn't even treat me as a friend. But you know what? I am gonna leave it all behind at the pile of "2012 memories" because those are all lesson learnt. 

I must say, I have really grown a lot, mentally and physically!

And I am sooooooo grateful to have my family, my boyfriend and my wonderful friends by my side (though I already said that for more than 5 times but whatever) I can't thank them enough because they have been through so much with me. They kept me strong. I love them and no words can describe how much I do!

Alright! That's all for today! The next post will be about countdown! I think that I will be posting it up on Tuesday, which IS THE BRAND NEW DAY, BRAND NEW START!!!!

Put everything that is bad behind you and remember the good memories!!! AND REMEMBER TO ALWAYS BE HAPPY AND SMILE!!! I don't like to see sad faces or frowns. :(

Teehee, that's all! Good bye!! (sorry this was an impromptu post due to boredom hehehe but I already thought of doing this post on Christmas but I WAS TOO LAZYYYYYY) 

Alrighty, this time, really, GOODBYEEEEEE <3 xoxo