Thursday, December 27, 2012


Hi you all!!!

Back for a short update!

But first, I wanna wish all of you a Merry Christmas. Even though Christmas is already over but whatever... This year's Christmas is just plain boring....... Compared to last year! It just gets worse every year huh? I want to be a kid again because that is when I get a WHOLE LOT of presents... :-( Hahaha but it's okay...

On Christmas Eve...

First outfit

Accompanied my mum to her facial appointment with her. I wasn't feeling well at that point of time though... Fever, headache and stomachache... :-( Sigh

And I got my fisheye lens from Beatrice hehehe in love with it and it is only $20!

Second outfit!

Fever came back after awhile when I was over at my relative's house so I got no choice but to go home... :-(

Hehehe posted this on insta at 12 to wish everybody a Merry Christmas! I was feeling better because I rest for a little while!

Ranting to my boy on my way back home... HAHAH pardon me and my vulgarities okay... If you were me you'll feel the same way...

So yesterday I went to meet my boy and the first thing he said was "I miss you so much you know" the he hugged me so tightly I nearly died HAHAHAHA
OOTD? hahaha

Wanna thank Berlin(bf's cousin) for buying this for us from bkk! SO CUTE!!!

Hi baby, just a short dedication to you!

I am sorry for pms-ing out of a sudden every single time... When we ignore each other just because we are mad at each other, it just sucks. I know, being together with a girl like me ain't easy because I am very impatient and I have a very bad temper(got it from my dad ahhh) but I will always love you no matter what. I was really very shocked... When it wasn't even your fault, you still said sorry and put the blame on yourself just to make everything okay between us and make me happy. I am so lucky that I have you by my side... When I'm around you I am always smiling hehehe you just make my day by doing the simplest thing! I love you boo <3 

Yes, this is my natural colour. And no, I didn't dye my hair! HAHAHA! Taken today, it's stay home thursday as usual.... :-(

Alright, good bye! Will be back with picture updates for the next post. Get readyyyyyyy. ;-)