Friday, December 7, 2012


Just a short post today! Have been spending quality time with my boyfriend, had our laughs with ourselves and with his cousin hahaha.

Anyway, I am so addicted to My Little Pony OMG IT IS FUN AND SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE HAHAHA

Caught Life Of Pi with boyfriend. I rate it 4/5... It was magical omg. All of you should watch it, although the beginning is kinda boring but meh, it's okay hahaha

Yesterday, went to boyfriend's house. And we didn't go anywhere because he was too lazy and he just wants to play his HoN......... EH :-( Bought mac for him, and his cousin, Amanda was at his house too. 

We wanted to watch final destination 5 and bf was disturbing his cousin and they were telling me about how he tricked Amanda into watching Saw, hahah she didn't know it was a horror and bloody movie.... HHAHAHA DAMN CUTE.

Then the 3 of us watched 127 Hours. Not bad actually, teaches me all the survival skills! Hahaha. I rate it 2.5/5... Cause I am a girl and I don't enjoy that kind of movie hahaha but bf said it was nice...

Bf's grandma cooked for us.

When I was camwhoring in his room, they were both outside and Amanda came in...... AWKWARD!!!!

(Photo taken from my aunt, this was taken last month during his birthday. :') )

I just received BAD news that Fluffy passed away... Sigh... It has been so long since I last saw him. I hate this man... I bet my little cousin, Ariel would be crying like shit right now... I saw it on my aunt's facebook status too!!!

I remember when I was having dinner over at my shen shen (aunt)'s house, he would always go under the dining table and wait for us to finish the food... It's very sweet! And every time Ariel played with him, DAMN CUTE LAH....!!!! Ariel will just sit on him and he will get shocked or something hahaha. I miss him... :'( He was the best dog ever, the cutest, every man's best friend, AND HE WAS REALLY VERY GENTLE AND PATIENT WITH KIDS!!! I was afraid of him last time when I was very young but, he played with me and I wasn't afraid anymore. HAHAHAH obviously everyone will be afraid of big dogs right, when they were young of course!

Rest in peace Fluffy!!!!!!! :'( Thank you for giving everyone in the family 10 years of your wonderful company. You used to be so fluffy (explains why his name is Fluffy ^_^) but when you grow older and older..... You got weaker... :( I will miss you... :'( I will miss how you always wait for me to finish my dinner whenever I am over at shen shen's house... It saddens me, a lot, to not see you before you leave this beautiful world... :( I can't even touch you anymore... I miss you Fluffy, I will always miss you and I'll never stop missing you. May you rest in peace <3 I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! 

Alright, till next time. This was just an impromptu update though... Hahaha good bye. xo