Saturday, April 28, 2012

My very first #Vlog

Hello, this video below, is my first ever Vlog. I know some of you requested so I did it but just a short one. Was very nervous so didn't really speak very loudly and I feel awkward talking to my webcam LOL. I look extremely nervous, hehe right?

Message to haters:
If you wanna judge, don't watch it. Your comments won't pull me down ya. ;-) love you xo

Took some pictures too, just to keep my blog alive. I know you're bored of reading all my post right. :-(

hehe my kuku face ^__^

this looks kinda scary...

okay this picture is with no make up, nothing. hehe natural look. :-)

okay bye. :-) i'll be back for a update after my MYE, prolly around end of May or so. xo