Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In some ways, you’re pretty lucky.

Hi. Updating now, see I'm so nice. HAHAH no lah, I'm having a 30mins break from studying. Really love bb, he's been helping me with my math since like forever. He even brought my book back to look through and the next day he's gonna let me do it and go through everything with me aw. <3 Why is he so sweet? Such a qt 3.142... Okie, so went over to my new house (shared that house with my dear aunt), meh my mum got the money to help my aunt with the half of the amount of their house but no money give me. :-( sigh.

Okie, moving on. Momsie decided to have a BBQ party under our house. ^__^ Relatives and mum's colleagues came over!

With my ginma and cousin.

failed wink..... i don't know how to. 

momsie and sis.

step cute sia us.


HEHEHE trying to act like a hamster.

my aunt's room!!! whenever i go her house, i'll share this bed with her.

sis helped ginma to tie waterfall braid hehe

lol step cute again and again.

me and my uncle, okay, don't compare our height!!!

my mum's colleague and my two cousin in the front.

view from the balcony, 25th floor.

okie so this is only on monday, next, Labour day hoho

so i'll just elaborate this day shortly... woke up and prepared in the morning, had breakfast then went swimming with my cousins from 12+ to 1.50, then went to city square mall for lunch, walked around and hunt for iphone covers. so around 5+, got back on the car, dropped off our cousins at i don't know where 'cuz they wanna sing at kbox, my sis and i decided not to go. went to bugis, shopping time, ginma gave us $100 to spend then,  we decided to take neoprint! then head home around 7 just to study yeah. ok done hahah. :-) 

*photos are not in order*

and yes, this is my lunch.

so that's it. just a short update ya. ;-)

random photos. ^__^

okie, that's all for now. gonna head back to study, again. :-) tomorrow is baby and my 1year2month anniversary. weep weep. ^__^ <3 gonna study with him tomorrow and he's gonna tutor me with my math. yay!!!! till then, xo.