Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pretty girls get all the attention. While those average and lousier looking girls? Get left out and it's so unfair.

Wassup peeps...! Gonna talk about any topic that hit up my head and I'm just gonna type it out. :-)
I am so god damn busy thinking of all my worries and insecurities, I've forgotten to give myself a break and a space to breathe in fresh air. DAMN!

Haters: Before you read this, if you wanna judge me after you read, it's better if you not read and FUCK OFF. (Sorry for the rudeness but yeah... Don't bother reading if you're gonna do that)

It Will Rain - Bruno Mars

This song have been stucked in my head for quite a long time and I've always been singing it in my head in school, THIS SONG CAN RELATE HOW I'M FEELING RIGHT NOW (well, not all of the lyrics but some...)

I've got this urge to call Damien and rant all this out of my lungs but I'm afraid that I will disturb him 'cuz he is outside with his friends now, so being a understanding girlfriend, I'll not bother him for today and just freaking rant over here. I REALLY HATE THIS FEELING INSIDE MY HEAD/HEART....... IT'S KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I can relate all my rants over here to other girls out there but whatever. 

I just want to ask...
Are you sick and tired of you, yourself ranting everyday over and over again but not doing anything/nothing changed? I'm sure all your answers are a yes 'cuz that's what I'm feeling and experiencing now/last time. 

But will only do all my rants after my nonsense. :-)

Talk about guys............

Some of them are like this:

Guys playing with girl's feelings.

Basically, this kind of guys is way out of my league, in fact, way out of all the girl's league. He think we're strong enough to handle the pain after the heartbreaks, he thinks that we are capable enough to handle it. But no, WE HAVE FEELINGS, so do you. You mean, you like girls who plays with your feelings and then dump you the next day? Nuh-uh, of course you won't like it, duh. (I know you'll be like "Eh this bitch, how can judge us like this?" but I'm referring to SOME guys only) 

He thinks that he is cool for breaking a girl's heart and go around playing with it, well, to us? He's just a freaking bastard who have no manners and don't know how to love!!!!!!!! Then learn how to, you know you want to spend your rest of your life with someone, as good, caring, lovely, sweet and someone to be your 24/7 perfect wife. If you wanna be in love, just to have sex with that innocent young girl, THEN YOU'RE SO WRONG. "Sex" is something you give it to your lifetime partner, your wife/husband, who knows if you have sex with some other girls and you get HIV or aids? (not cursing but i'm just saying)


A few steps of his:
1) He wants you
2) He sweet-talk with you all day long and give you small little surprises(presents).
3) He got you
4) He plays with your heart
5) He broke your heart
6) He got bored of you
7) He leaves/dump you

Some of the guys are like this:
And the rest, are like so sweet. They're always there for you, always caring for you and they don't want to hurt you. He loves you like there's no tomorrow, cuddle with you, talk about forever, have heart to heart talks with you for hours but not even get bored a little, kiss you in mid-sentence, looks you into the eyes when he's talking to you, even when you're down, he tries his very best to cheer you up by making silly faces to you, give you a big hug out of a sudden, pamper you like a princess. 

And when you're crying so badly, he'll be there for you, comfort you and admit that it's his fault for making you cry. Which girl don't want this kind of guys!?!?!?!?!? Say what!?!??!!?!?!?!  So to girls out there, if your boyfriend is what I described above, I'm serious, just cherish him and don't give him a hard time. :-)

Take a look at this video by Michelle Phan (YouTuber) if you have the time of you bother to. :-)

Don't you want this 2 kind of relationship as shown in the picture? :-) 

Guys who find their girlfriends irritating for ranting everything again and again, you can just simply don't get one girlfriend. I am super sensitive to this kind of things because I am a girl, and I don't like it when the guy, himself know that he's gonna get nagged/rants from his girlfriend but still, get together with her. If you love her, you wouldn't mind letting her nag on you ALL THE TIME, you know when you get in love, you really need to sacrifice, a lot. Trust me, we, girls, sacrifices more than you do.

You, guys, can say this "Yeah yeah yeah, it's always ABOUT GIRLS, nothing over here is about guys. Gtfo bitch." but, if you really think and rewind back to the past, you'll know the ugly truth hehe. Actually, in the relationship, the girls gives in the most and she's willing to forgive but not forget (she'll use some of your mistakes to go against you too, some girls only I guess) but well, as for the guys, when he gets angry, he won't even listen or care about his girlfriend, he'll just walk off and say "How am I gonna trust you?" "You expect me to listen to you when you do something wrong?" "Fuck off, you're not a princess, you think everyone can do as what you say?". All this freaking heart-breaking words, can hurt a lot. But you don't even care when you're so busy being mad at us.

So, let's just say this: (not saying all r/s but some)
The guy will do whatever it takes to sweet-talk with the girlfriend and saying that it is his fault, beg for forgiveness, hug her, laugh with her. The girl got into his trap (it's also we, girl's fault, for being such fools to fall for this...) forgives him, but never forget what he has done. So when he makes another mistake, she can pile that up and slam everything right onto the guy's face.
The girl will also do whatever it takes to make the guy forgive her, tries to explain everything but the guy just wouldn't freaking listen. So, she'll just have to repeat again and again and again till the guy calms down and really talk to her in a very nice tone, then will forgive her and forget about everything. 

I don't get it, why do guys get over so many things so quickly? Don't they feel a thing? I'm just really very curious.... About that, what I've said above is all about who? The guys, of course. We, girls, just simply forgive you 'cuz we're super soft-hearted and some of you, guys, take it for granted and that cycle repeats again and again.

I'm not complaining about guys 'cuz I'm also in a relationship now, I'm just speaking up for us, girls, again. ^__^ That doesn't mean that I don't love my dearest boyfriend, I love him so much!!!!!!! In fact, we, girls, love our own boyfriend so much that we couldn't even bear to quarrel with you, guys. We very sweet eh!?!!?!

Problem with girls.....

they forgive and forget easily, not all but just some, I guess.

We don't know who the hell to confide to and who to trust so that's why, we're always ranting on somewhere else. But meh, people in the society nowadays really don't know how to shut their mouths when they promise to keep a secret (got to admit, sometimes I'm one of these people too), but who to blame? Ourselves duh! People start to judge, say bad things about you or spread rumors about it then, you'll be like:
"Whatever, son of a bitch, idgaf ta-ta!"

 We don't know how to express ourselves so damn badly. Especially when it comes to "Love", but hey, we found a very "romantic way" by writing letters and asking our best friends to pass it to you. (eh this is so primary school, I remember me doing this with my girlfriends) 

But you, guys, don't even appreciate it but you, guys, will surely throw away that piece of letter and treat it as if it's a rubbish when us, girls, spend so much time and effort writing you that letter (whatever but, i know you, guys, will just say "also not i ask you to write one what", but still that's not an EXCUSE!!!) Okay, whatever, moving on...

We're so damn insecure about our looks, body and almost everything.

Everyone in this world is beautiful, including you, you, you, you and every single one of you. <3 So stop picking up your own flaws and be confident. xo

Sometimes, no matter what we say online, do online or the pictures we post online, there's always a hater commenting and saying that you're ugly, attention whore or a slut. Sometimes, it may even lead to things like this: (take some of your time to watch this cyberbully suicide video)

if you're lazy, you just wanna watch this:

This is only part 1, so click on the sidebars to watch for more parts. (THIS VIDEO MADE ME CRIED!! I'M SERIOUS)

But i really prefer all of you to watch the part by part ones to know the whole story.. :-)

So ya.......
Done with all my nonsense so now I'm so gonna start on my rants, if you don't wanna read, y'all can just leave this page now. :-) 

I don't freaking get it why do my parents nags so much about me, even if I get good results, they want me to be even better. I know, they nag on me for my own good, but not every single day. They say they're tired, but it's their own fault for repeating every single day again and again. 

By the way, this picture above, it's so funny. Especially at the 40,000BC hahahha.

I'm so sorry but yeah, I've got to say this to the both of you....

If you're so damn tired of nagging me everyday, don't do it. You need a break, I need a break, the both parties need a break. ^__^ I don't live to please people and I'm just a 15 year old teenager, what do you expect? Me to become a lawyer now? Or even a doctor? Dream on. I want to study, study hard without all those nagging(s) you give me all day long. My ears are like full of all your rants and nags.... and it's already full and over-flowing.
Okay, I think I have only this on my head right now because my mum's nagging me T__T hehe.

Done with my rants, so back to the topic....??????

For the people who feels like they're forever alone or whatever....

One of the reason being is because you always say this, "I'm so gonna be alone on Valentine's Day." "So gonna be forever alone" "Believe me or not, I'm not gonna get married" Hey, think of the bright side, you can spend more time with your friends, you will not get hurt/heartbreaks again and again, at least you'll be happy every single day. Trust me, you'll get married. If you never, come find me and stab me with a knife okie? :-) 

You'll be like...
But really, as when you grow older, you'll meet your LIFETIME PARTNER.

Some of you are just either being too sociable and you don't even want to get into a relationship because you love your life right now, so so much that you wouldn't want to give it up. And some, are just way too anti-social and that's no good. 'Cuz this society we're in now, you need to be sociable so you can fit into this society (in a good way, and yes ---->) and get to know more friends!!!!

But when you're in a relationship, this shit happens...

This problem lies with all the girls. We're too over-sensitive, get jealous over small things and we are afraid of losing our loved ones. Let me just tell you this one example of something related to this.

Sometimes, when you're in the same school with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you'll tend to know who he/she talks/flirts with and really dig out his/her relationship with opposite sex's conversation. And as long as he/she (a friend of your boyfriend/girlfriend) is very close to your girlfriend/boyfriend, you'll surely stop him/her from talking to them. And so, this leads to a promise to each other to not talk to any friends who are opposite sex in the school or else, World War happens.

Scenario of the girlfriend witnessing her own boyfriend flirting and the girl flirting back with your boyfriend:
Girlfriend: *gets all emotional and want to cry*
Boyfriend: *acts like he don't know wtf happened*
Girlfriend: So you talked to this girl?
Boyfriend: NO WTF, you see wrong lah
Girlfriend: Don't fake, *gets angry and walk away and go on twitter bitch about that girl that talk to her boy*
Girl who talks to boyfriend: Why you don't trust your boyfriend and don't let him talk to girls? It's not his fault what, and why you bitch about me?
Girlfriend: He promised me that first, and I have the rights to get angry!!
But everything is still the same, boyfriend still talks to the girl. 

Ba-bam, that's in the girlfriend's situation.

Scenario of the boyfriend witnessing/heard from friends that his own girlfriend is talking/just asking some guy a question:
Boyfriend: *OMGWTFBBQ* 
Girlfriend: No, I was just.... I was..... I...
Boyfrend: *interrupt what girlfriend was trying to explain* Just keep quiet, I don't want to hear any explanation, how can you expect me to trust you?
Girlfriend: *cries*
And both girlfriend and boyfriend walks away from each other

And yes, this is in the boyfriend's situation but of course when the boyfriend calms down then they'll talk things out.... HAHAHAH I actually laughed while typing this. But I'm just typing all these out base on my story and some of my friend's r/s are also same like mine so, my dear girl, I FEEL YOU <3

So I guess this is it, done with my post like finally!!! Shouldn't have drag it and watch movies on funshion but at least I've updated. :-) Toodles!!! Goodnight y'all xxx