Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Solemnly yours

Hi guys!!! Here to do a short blogpost for my babyboy. ^__^ (not much pictures but yeah, i'll have another update on saturday, and there's more pictures as i'll be bringing my camera out on friday with bb!!)

Baby, if you're reading this, I'll make you cry alright? Hehe joking. <3


Remember the times when I cry and you just went hugging me and say "It's alright, everything will be fine, I'm here"? It's still stuck in my head and I can't forget all the moments I have spent with you. When we say silly things to each other and have our heart to heart talks when we're alone? The times when I'm just feeling low and you ALWAYS try your best to cheer me up with all your funny faces? 

I'm sorry if I'm always in a bad mood because sometimes, I'm just being too over-sensitive or paranoid but I promise you I'll change, real soon. No matter how far we are, we'll still miss each other like hell, right? Hehe. Still remember when you went overseas and I was like crying everyday, hoping that you could come back real soon because I really miss you a lot. I'm sure you miss me too. And when I went to Bangkok, and when I got back and called you, you sound like you're gonna cry when you heard my voice. My dear boy, you're such a sweetheart and I love you from the bottom of my heart. <3

Sometimes I think to myself, am I not good enough for you? Maybe I just failed as a girlfriend and I don't deserve the best from you. But, you and your sweet-talks always make me not give up on myself and most importantly, this relationship!! We've been through ups and downs and I'm happy that you're still always there for me. Yes, I'm all crazy over you and some people might even say that I'm way too crazy.

Remember when we first met? HAHAHAHAHAHA a very funny and long story but I wanna thank that someone who let us have a chance to get to know each other. :-) I'm sorry, if I threw my princess temper at you, meh.... I know you can't tolerate it but you're trying your best to and I can see it through your eyes.

Baby you're the best, your words assure me the most and you make me stand after every fall! I know that you're here for me and what please me the most is that you're always there for me, no matter what!! I always rant to you at how insecure I am at times and how paranoid I can get over certain issues and you're still oh so patient with me. 
God... Everyone knows that you're the best that I can ever get so I'll hold on to you real tight and I'll never let you go bb. <3

All in all, I just love you, You've give me more than I ever asked for, wished for. I'll remember the promises. The love I have for you had been bottled up since 3rd March 2011. Never will I let my love for you fade. Hard to explain via words, but I'll just say the rest to you face to face. But the simplest thing I could actually say right now is... I LOVE YOU BABYBOY. :-) XO

Although we quarreled, had our fights and all, we still managed to sort everything out. As the both of us say, we're sick and tired of arguing but not sick and tired of this relationship. Sorry if I've made you angry or disappointed but right now, I just want to last forever with you.. (this might be crazy but yeah.... maybe just last as long as possible!! ^__^)

I would like to thank you for everything you have did or wanted to do. Because everything you did holds an important place in my heart, it's hard to computerize the feelings that I have for you bb.. But I hope as you, would miraculously get a warm sensation from the heart. As I'm typing this, you're trying your best to dedicate something sweet and real special to me. I can only say, it wasn't the gifts that was important, it was your existence.

Hope this post dedicated to you will make you super happy and I'll be sending you a long and sweet text too. Woop ^__^ Love you. <3 xo

Ok, so today this is what we ate at Swensen's!!! :-) YUMZZZZ

Taken with instagram!! :-)

bb's aunt bought me these shoe and high heels at jb, aww love her. <3 :-*

Okay, bye guys! Hope you enjoyed at least a little over here. ^__^ xo. Good nights!!