Monday, April 9, 2012

You know you have a thing for him/her when you - can't stop thinking, wants a never ending conversation, can't help but to care and worry.

Wassup people? Here for just a short update and I'm blogging over at my gramp's house. So happy 'cuz going out with baby on Wednesday, E-LEARNING DAY and we don't have to freaking go to school. F'yeah!!!!!!!!

Basically, after school I went to look for bb and yes, had a little heart to heart talks with him then I stepped out of school. Well, I was suppose to go home but since it was gonna rain, I joined Rachael and Adriana to have lunch at NEX. :-) 

We were deciding on where t eat but the both of them just keeps on want me to suggest an idea so in the end, Ariana suggested to go bk and we were okay with it. :-) 

Anyway, all these photos are on Instagram!! Follow me @vanessasecretkey!! xo

Their sundae's are god damn small....

There was suppose to be more photos but, unglam yar.... hahahahah

took photos of each other like retards, sorry Rachael. :-(

And in the end, this is what she took.....

this is blur but good job anyway, Adriana. ;-) x

We went to but Sogurt before looking for Jiahui.

Saw my Master Syafiqah at McDonald's so I took a photo with her too, SHE IS COOL AND CUTE HEHE. ;-) Her nametag missing ah....

Got home at around 5, bathed and prepared then my ahgong came and fetch me with my aunt and 3 little cousins!!!!! We went for a late lunch/dinner. Didn't take much photos 'cuz all the way, I was using my aunt's phone hahah.

Isn't my cousin the cutest thing ever? Kids nowadays ah, their pose getting super cute!!!

My dearest aunt with her "zhao pai" face, hahahaha.
People have been tweeting me and they DON'T believe that she's my aunt 'cuz she looks so young and pretty, agree right? HAHAHA 

Got back to ahgong's house as where I'm sitting in my aunt's room right now, and watching my aunt playing her Dance Central 2... and my cousins are sitting beside me watching me type all this words out haha. My family are the cutest and loveliest people in the whole wide world man. <3

look at my aunt's love for cows!!!

So, just a short update though. :-) Nothing much interesting but I promise you, there'll be a proper update soon. :-) xo. Just so you know, I'm reading "Summer and the City" now. :-) It's not bad and one of the reason I bought this book is because it's in pink opppps!

Last picture before all of you go.... Goodnight and enjoy school tomorrow. :-) Study hard guys!! x