Thursday, April 12, 2012

There's always a "lie" in believe, an "over" in lover, an "end" in friends, an "us" in trust, and an "if" in life.

Hi there. I know this is late but, I'm updating about Chinese New Year 'cuz I don't want my blog to be dead. And since I am not at school now, I must well do something to entertain me right? 

Talking about school, as for my Twitter and Instagram followers, you'll know what happened to me but don't wanna say it here in case bitches out there call me attention seeker and stuffs related to it. Many things have been hard, on me. And I've learned to deal with it, people just grow up so fast nowadays and they don't even realize that society nowadays is so cruel. Well, we'll just have to accept it. What I'm doing recently? I'm watching America's Next Top Model Season 15 and Tyra Banks really is very cool, sexy and gorgeous!!!! Damn, girls ALWAYS dreams that they'll become a successful model someday.

Don't want to make this post very lengthy with all my words so I'll move on to CNY. :-) Anyway, I'll only be updating about 2nd day of cny because that is the day I took the most pictures hahaha.

Say hi to Ruiyi ^__^

Stayed at my biaoyi's house for the first and second day yar. 

Reached my relative's house and exchanged oranges. :-)

my fav!!! i want to say no to fats but i can't resist the temptation.

went down to the playground at level6 'cuz the kids wanna play, so being the oldest over there, i must take good care of them..

yanling :-)

yuhui's guinea pig

LOL my sister hearing what sound the guinea pig does

taken by ruiyi ^__^

cannot maintain, lol really sia.

my sister and jiale (opps, forgot her christian name)

why is my hair so nice over here!?

taken by ruiyi, again.

maintain lah dey

mirror mirror on the wall

almost all my pictures, apologies people!!!!

see, cannot maintain again, vanessa ahhhhhhhh!!!

this one super cute!!!

ruikai playing with my phone, cuteboy.

xuanxuan's picture book or w/e

see the girl on the left? yep, she's xuanxuan. getting fatter and fatter!!

god damn, her cuteness

my poor phone, let ruikai use until #likeaboss

hey, it's me.

xuanxuan <3

xuanxuan's mum only sentence "sit properly lah girl"

so, the kids want to go down to the playground again, so it's only me and xuanxuan's mum taking care of them. if you wanna grow up fast, you'll regret.

they played catching while i take their unglam photos

hahaha she act like she's showering

"y no water?"

LOL @ ruikai

ruikai's shoes

so after that they played "A E I O U", when i'm young, i loved to play this.

you think you zombie?

went back to relative's house again...... camwhore with myself ^__^


got on the car and biaoyi sent us back home to put our bags

Done with my update on my cny, it's super late but yar, at least there's something to entertain all of you. :-) Meh, so bored now. Staying at home and watching a whole lot of movies. Re-watched "Princess Diaries" ^__^ and yes, I'm still waiting for more episodes of #TVD but episode 19 still not out yet. -__- Shall wait then! 

Nothing more to talk about so... I guess this is the end of my post. :-) 
Stay tune for more, x. Till then!