Friday, April 6, 2012

Unhappy with me? Confront me but not bitch behind my back like some princess complaining about everything.

Hello everybody!! Since today's Good Friday and I'm just gonna post up all my self-taken-photos over here, and since I'm bored, and I've thought of making my blog livelier. ^__^

Recently, I've been studying real hard and very very very busy with school. Have to go for counselling, extra lessons and worst is, common/class test after school. Studied with bb for awhile after school and I'm all stressed up about my studies 'cuz my Term 1's results are not good. Failed almost all subjects.... Yar yar, go on and comment on my formspring saying all sorts of stuffs to pull me down but if you were in my position, you'll know why my studies are so bad and I HAVE TO DEAL WITH FAMILY MATTERS TOO.

My life is pretty fucked up and I hate quarreling with my mum or my sister... But I'm happy that I have good friends with me that listens to me and gives me real good advices that will give my life a GREAT impact.

A&F!!! ^__^ 

Let's talk a little about my relationship with my dearest bb. <3

After since I've met him, he's been a really sweet and caring boy, and he pampers me like a princess (in a good way of course). About how we met, I can't tell 'cuz it's our memories and I wouldn't want everyone to know except for the both of us. :-) Both of us have been studying together and motivating each other to study hard. Life have been so much better after I have him by my side!!!!

To be honest, I've never loved someone so deeply before. His actions really shows me that he really love me!! (ahem, this is abit personal and i won't wanna talk about it). Words can't express how deep my love is for him but we'll really last very very very very very long, as long as possible and I wish it'll be forever 'cuz if we do, we'll get married when we're 20/21. I know this sounds crazy but yeah... 

look at my jiaobin ^__^

To haters out there:
I don't even give a fuck about what you say about me. I'm me, being me, the real me. If you wanna judge me, go on. You're more than welcome because you're just gonna waste your time. :-) I mean like, seriously? What's the point of judging when you don't even gain anything? lolsie, but you'll just make the person you criticize/judge even more stronger. You're just helping, not hurting them. :-)

But really, I just want to ask this one question. WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM AND WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Do you know SOME people may get hurt and even suicide because of that one little comment of yours? Get over that freaking person you hate and just move on with life. Why not try to love everybody in stead of hating? This society nowadays is really fucked up, and I hate how it'll affect someone real hard like a bitch.

Just knock some sense into your head, haters. You're God? NO. You're perfect? NO. Then stop with all your judging, concentrate on your studies or work or w/e I don't care. Meh

"You wanna judge? Whatever, bitch please. I don't care."

I've got super powers yar, hahahaha okay I suck at this.

I'm just a girl.
Every girls love being called pretty, but never believe it. 
We're not always right, but hate admitting that we're wrong.
We're almost always smiling, but it's not always real.
We can be read like a open book, but hide so much.
We work hard at things, but don't always get what we deserve.

That is just us, we complain about everything but do you? Do you, guys, care about us? I've seen a whole lot of guys complaining about their girlfriend saying, "Wtf, my girlfriend so irritating, everyday also pms like a bitch and I have to make her day. So stress one sia." or "Knnbccb, can stop being so paranoid or sensitive or not? Eh I've had enough of all your bullshits. I break your promise so? BIG FUCK AH?" If you want to bitch/scold your girlfriend like this, don't get one. And if you want to get or you're already in a relationship, treat her right, make sure you really love her, cherish her, don't give her bullshits, don't lie to her and don't break the promises you made to her.  

I am not saying that you, guys, are not responsible or are just being bastards. Yes, part of it are our fault. Do you even know why we get paranoid and sensitive? That's because we really love you, care about you and don't want to lose you, that's why! Why we pms like a bitch? Because we'd to, try being us and experiencing the time of the month and you'll know. Eh, in fact some of you, guys, do pms like a bitch too. (just stating a fact over here). Bottom line is, if you want to be in a r/s, don't complain. If you want to complain, then don't get one girlfriend. Plain and simple. :-)

People who are saying that they're "forever alone".
I've got to say, you're not gonna be "forever alone". Some fine day, you're gonna find your mr/mrs. right who loves you so much that he/she could die for you. (not cursing!!!) Everyone one of you are beautiful and handsome, and don't you dare to deny that alright!!!! At the very end of the day, you'll still get married, have kids, laugh hardly and think to yourself this, "I have such a wonderful life now, why did I even complain about me being "forever alone"?". I know you'll be like saying that I'm talking about rubbish but no, I am really serious. Actually, the people who are attached are also jealous of you, people, out there who are single. Because you've freedom, so ENJOY it!!! It's your own choice whether you want to be attached or single. :-) Chin up, beautiful and handsome ones!!! <3 xo


Step cute only...... -__-

People have been saying that I have a really good life. A boyfriend who loves and dotes on me a lot, a big family who loves and dotes on me a lot too and that I've lots of freedom and I'm having a stress-free life.
No, fuck no. My life is like a bitch, but I'm happy that I have a boyfriend and a big family who loves and dotes on me a lot!!!!!! I ALWAYS, cry to bed. I used to be so damn weak but now, I've learn not to cry so easily, especially in front of my loved ones. 

Thinking of that, makes me think of what baby told me that one day when he was comforting me while hugging me, "Crying is no use, silly girl. You'll have to face everything, and fight for yourself." and he is so right. I've came so my sense that now, I don't really cry much anymore, I've learned to hold back all my tears and fake a smile. (yeah, it's no good but it's better yar)

this picture will make you have nightmare. ;-)

Nothing much more to talk about so yep, enjoy the rest of the pictures. :-) xo

forced a smile, hahaha real big smile...

I got the swag hahaha

Some gifs before all of you go...... ^__^

this one super step cute lol....

Alright, done with all the pictures. :-) Gonna go out with bb this weekend, if he's free. Then gonna update more about it. :-) Bye my dearest blog readers xo, goodnight!!!