Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Vinson Massif

Hello everyone! I know that my blogpost are only filled with pictures for the past few updates :(
Will make sure that I don't procrastinate/get lazy anymore because I don't want to disappoint you guys!! So... My presentation/pitching is finally over, I AM SO HAPPY HEHE but I'm still nervous about who will be the director for our mini project. Hehe anyway... am editing my new blog header right now, don't know if I should do any changes to the rest but we'll see! ;) 
Have also edited a new video diary with my bf, have received some questions on askfm that I should talk more in my videos so I'll talk more in the future... HAHAHA idk why but my voice will get super weird when I talk in a video or something. Okay... enough with all this, I'll let the pictures do the talking now!
I love these shots of my hair omgggg!!! 

Last friday, I went to meet jes and trex after I had lunch at EWF with Jobie, Gracia and Shana. We did nothing much but with their company, it's all gooooood. HAHAHA we started to laugh like retards and acting crazy... Trex almost fell *LAUGHING EMOJI*, ahhh I love them so much, they make me so happy <3

Short meet up with my lover boy and after dinner, we just spend our time cuddling and talking cause I wasn't feeling right and I felt super sad and fucked up... hahaha idk! OH, and I have blogged about how we got together but I couldn't find the link so some anons on askfm suggested that I blog about it again so I'll do it soon when I have the time.

Met up with my fav girls on Sunday again. Jes wanted to study but she got lazy so we just planned to walk around and do some shopping. We took lots of selfies HAHAHA the collage is only half of what we took. Trex joined us after that and we just took lots of pictures... We also had SuSHiiiiiiiii for dinner hehehe I was so happy!! #myloveforsushi

That's all for today!!! Hehehe so proud of myself cause today's post is quite wordy, have a great day ahead byeeeee! <3