Monday, July 14, 2014

Safe Place

Hello everyone! I was late for the first day of school HAHAHA not surprised. We already have to plan for our next mini project when we stepped into our class oh God... I can't wait for my final exam then I can relax hehe and I might be going to Sunway Lagoon during december, will definitely do a video diary man. If I really am going then I can't wait to share my trip to there with you guys. I LOVE ROLLER COASTERS!!!!!! WOOHOOOOO!

Cruising with my fav bimbo, Gracia again! I loveee cruising with her hahaha we are always full of nonsense, so much fun and laughter when I am around her. Wished that Jobie knew how to cruise so that she could join us :(

We settled down and had "dinner", we both weren't that hungry, that's why we shared! After eating, we took a cab back to nex and had dessert story hehehe omg my fav <3
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Day out with my fav boy and he didn't get my dress code but whatever hahaha we were wearing totally opposite & different kind of outfit man! We caught the movie "Tammy", it wasn't as funny/good as I expected but it was okay lah.
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Out with my dearest Jeslin, we walked around town but nothing caught our eye then we headed to bugis. Hahaha it's a good thing that I can shop with her because I can ask for her opinion. ;) It was also fat day cause we ate a lot and we couldn't stop eating/munching away HAHA!
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Didn't take any pictures with her cause we just spend the whole day walking around and shopping. Alright, I'll update soon again. Better go to bed now, don't wanna be late for tomorrow too. Good night my lovely readers. <3