Thursday, July 10, 2014

Trick Eye Museum & Anniversary Date

Hello everyone, this post was suppose to be up few days ago but I procrastinated... :( But anyway, last thursday, it was Damien and my anniversary and we were deciding if we should go to trickeye or sea aquarium and we decided to go trickeye. Had brunch at soup spoon before we headed to vivo... I'll let the pictures do the talking hehehe. 
PS, I was having a really bad face day, I was super tired due to lack of sleep :(

HAHAHA and here's mine

Look at his sian face HAHAHAHA

This is my fav picture out of all that was taken omg HAHAHAHA

Yup so this sums up my day at the trickeye museum, the $25 was kinda worth it, you guys should visit trickeye soon :)

Headed back to vivo and we had coldstone before going back to westgate to meet my bf's mom for dinner at Tim Ho Wan.
I LOVE their char siew pao omg!

We headed back home and went to bed hahaha it was a tiring day!! This post sums up how I spent my 3rd of July ;) I have so many other things to update about and are still in my drafts so you guys have to stay tune. I'll try to update hahaha I am getting way too lazy nowadays! Have a great day ahead everyone! <3