Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sunflower makes me happy!

I had some event to attend to last friday and had to wake up early but my bf woke up early so that he could eat breakfast with me and send me off hehehe. After enjoying the food and drinks, I reunited with the bf and we wanted to catch a movie at vivo but we ended up walking around & doing some window shopping!
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So much love for this guy <3

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Last Sunday, I was suppose to meet all 5 of my babygirls but in the end it was just me, jes and trex but jes had something to do before meeting us so I met Effie in the afternoon before trex meets me, and we bought her gift to surprise her cause we felt like it hehehe(oh, cass was a part of this too). I kept texting her and telling her to meet at the open space at scape(oh and today she was telling me that she actually started to get suspicious but in the end I told her that I wanted to take my ootd there so she didn't really care HAHAHA), we actually wanted to surprise her from the back but we were too lazy so we just laid out everything and waited for her to come. Glad that she was super happy and touched, she didn't show it but I can see it in her eyes :) <3 Hope you're happy bby <3
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We got her all this :) Wanted to go have lunch at strictly pancakes but we ended up going to ajisen ramen. Effie was telling us about all the jokes she knew and it was MEAN HAHAHA I DON'T WANNA SAY THE WORD HERE... But her jokes were damn funny. Hehehe it was a great time catching up with Effie and bringing a smile to Trex's face :')
Walked around for a little bit then we went to meet Jeslin at marina bay, shall let the pictures do the talking x

I couldn't take my eyes off the sky!

We walked to the mrt and passed by lau pa sat, wanted to have our dinner there but it was too crowded and we were super lazy to find any seats so we ended up going back to bugis and we had blacball :)
Argh school is reopening on monday, excited to learn new things and see all my classmates but not excited about waking up early in the morning :( That's all I have for today's update. Ending off this post with a picture that trex took, hehehe sunflower makes me happy.