Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Hello everyone! I am so excited for December, I know... it's just July now but I am still excited hehehe! I'm saving up for a gopro and the money that I saved is all with Gracia (just in case if I spend the money that I saved), I really can't save money on my own... I also need to start working out because I have been eating junk food like almost everyday? Need to really have a good sweat, then I'll be satisfied. Hahaha and I activated my askfm account so hit me up with all the questions you want to ask! :)
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Met up with Jes and Cass, we wanted to eat churros but ended up eating sushi instead hahaha.
FAV <333333

Decided to take neoprint after that hehe. And I got 2 new shades from statemusement, I can hardly find shades that suits me but cat eye shades fits me very well & also, I wanted to get something similar to Jenn's shades hehehe.
HAHAHA after taking pictures for a short while, I realize that my hand was at jes's pits, all of us had a good laugh hahaha... I CAN'T EVEN...

Out with my fav boy for a movie, we went to watch dawn of the planet of the apes, I loved the movie so much even though I didn't watch the "rise" one but I am gonna watch it tonight! Alright, just a few pictures...
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Alright, time for me to watch some movies before I go to bed. Good bye and have a great day ahead! <3