Saturday, August 2, 2014

Fear of Dawn

Hello everyone!!! I can't wait for tomorrow because I am meeting my boyfriend and... IT'S OUR ANNIVERSARY HEHEHE. I am planning to blog about how we met etc. and there will be a new video coming up so stay tuned! I know, my videos are boring cause I don't talk but I will talk more in my future videos alright! :)

Anyway, finally know my group members for my vp2 project, HAHAHA same group as Gracia and Faiz again. Siti is our director this time hehehe I can't wait to start shooting but... we have to do all the paperwork first and I looked through the samples that Ms Stella showed us, no joke sia... I'm the producer so I have to do all the paper work etc. STRESSSSSSSSS!!! But I know that it is gonna be fun cause my group members are THE BEST! <3 Alright, time for the pictures...

Thursday after school, Jobie, Gracia and I finally went out hehehe it has always been me and Gracia cause Jobie is always busy or had something on. Went to nex and we tried the Monster Curry, which was not that bad but the service wasn't that good. We were all suppose to pay together but for some reason the cashier separated our orders and the gst and everything was no joke okay, kind of feel like the cashier did it on purpose :( 

We just chilled after that over at Gracia's house and laughed our ass off. There were so many things that we laughed about hahaha even though sometimes they annoy the shit out of me but I still love them to death hehehe they're like my gems <3333
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The plate is super big omg it is like x4 of my hands!!!

WHEN YOU SEE IT HAHAHHAHAHHHAA, at the end of the day when we were about to leave, I was going to take a mirror selfie but Gracia did that..... HAHA it's always fun, joy and laughter with these girls around <3


Alright, that's all for today's update dolls! I'm so sorry that this is a short update. I'll blog about the rest next time!! I'll update tomorrow again, goodbye!!! <3