Monday, July 7, 2014

Zero Zero One

Hello everyone! Argh sorry I am being lazy again... Was suppose to blog last night but I ended up watching orange is the new black then I fell asleep HAHAHA! Anyway, I finally uploaded a new video on YouTube, here it is!!

Cruising with Jeslin at east coast park last tuesday hehehe <3 I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Last wednesday, I went to sleepover at my bf's house. Reached his house at about 4pm and I sort out my things then we headed out at 6 to holland village, found a cafe called d'Good Cafe and we had drinks and cake there. We just chilled and talked about everything, hehehe always love it when we just talk.

So sad that we didn't get to sit on the swinging chairs :(

White Chocolate Raspberry cake, $8

Chocolate Cream, $6.50
Mocha Frappe, $7.50

We just walked around holland v after that and went back home, nothing much happened hahaha. Alright that's all for today! My school is starting next week and my body clock is screwed up :( I'll update tonight, maybe(?), or tomorrow! Stay tune to my next update ;) <3