Saturday, July 5, 2014

Finally back | Lowinsky

Hi everyone! Have taken a short break from blogging and now I am back. Have been so busy lately and I did enjoy the past few days of my holidays hehehe. I'll blog about it on my next post :) How is school so far? I don't know if there's something wrong with me but I am kinda excited for school to re-open again so that I can see my lovely classmates! So... here's a picture update of what I've done last week and what has happened...
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Last sunday, I met Jeslin at my house and we cruised to the new kallang wave mall to shop at h&m!

Met up with the rest at kovan, cass didn't come cause she couldn't make it :( I'll just let the pictures do the talking!

Joey's camera skills not bad HAHAHAH
Jeslin had to go home and the rest of us went to nex and had pastamania for dinner. I was sooooo tired and my energy level was -00000.1

Went to meet the love of my life the next dayyyy ;)))

So... all of you must be wondering what lowinsky is all about right? ;) Continue to read on and find out about what I have to say about lowinsky! <3

I received my first ever fashion/subscription box during the month of May-June and I was really super happy when I received it, it felt like christmas came earlier and I received the most perfect gift ever! Was so excited to open up the box and see what's inside. Lowinsky has given me the best items/apparels, and it really suits my style. Lowinsky don't only have subscription box only, they also have a 'Shop Lowinsky and Aniston', the apparels are way too gorgeous I just want to grab them all! And they don't only concentrate only on one theme, each boxes are filled with love and joy from Lowinsky. There are many different items that you can receive from Lowinsky, apparels, accessories, swimwear etc.


"Lowinsky was a global eCommerce company focused on providing trendy and fashionable products to key audiences aged 16 to 34. With the recent restructuring, Lowinsky will be focusing on obtaining long term subscription customers from the a new target audience."

Yan Zhi, Strategist at Lowinsky Group said: “In connection with our long-term strategic review, we have decided to focus the future development of the Lowinsky brand by refocusing on key market regions. This decision reflects the need to remain relevant in the ever changing and extremely competitive eCommerce industry. As a result, we have made the determination to retreat from certain markets. We believe it is critical to focus our efforts and resources where we have the greatest opportunities to drive profitable growth for our brands.”

Now that we know a little more about Lowinsky, let me carry on with the items that I received from the fashion/subscription box! ;)


Francesca Cami Top
I absolutely adore this piece. It is so cute and I LOVE the back design of this top! I can wear this anywhere, it is quite versatile! All the clothes that Lowinsky sent me are my style and I am super glad that that all the items that Lowinsky picked for me, really suits me/my style. This is one of the reason why I love Lowinsky! They know what you want/will wear. ;)

Next is this swimwear that I also received from the subscription box!
 Ahhhhhh this swimwear is really super gorgeous and to die for?!?! The two mesh details makes this swimwear stands out even more. Now I can wear this to the pool for a short swim and no need to worry about how "plain looking" my swimwear is. 

Rollin' with the Homies top
This top is so cute?! I can put this on when I don't feel like dressing up. Hehehe oh and I call this my "lucky charm" t-shirt because I met my fav youtubers when I was wearing this shirt!!! I don't know if it is just me or whenever I put on this top, I just get super lucky?! Just a random thought that I wanna share with you girls too ;)

And lastly, Purple Gemstone Necklace
This pretty gemstone necklace is something that you must have in your accessories list!!! Wanna thank Lowinsky for sending me such a pretty necklace, I wear it almost everyday now and I love it so much. <3

Hurry, go visit and get your very own subscription box! Hehehe don't you want the excitement of opening the box and seeing what is inside of it?! Remember to quote "vanessateo" to get $2 off your subscription boxes!!! <3 Have fun shopping dolls! Xoxo

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