Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hi ya'll, finally back on blogger yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!

So sorry for not updating this space for such a long time, way too busy with school and revision man... Argh I miss my lower sec and sec 3 days man, I don't even have a life right now boooooo!!! Haven't been on blogger for almost a month or so, and I apologize for that. And also, I wanna change my blogger template, but I am way to lazy and busyyyyy.

Life's been pretty good, but thinking of n lvls makes me sick man... 

Just around 2 months or so, my life depends on it. I really gotta study real hard but sometimes I just don't have the motivation to... God damn it, I hate that man!!! 

I get distracted very easily and I ALWAYS procrastinate, all the time. My mom have been knocking some sense into my head and I really wanna make her proud! And also make my daddy proud hehe, I love you daddy, wherever you are.

I really hate it when I get emotional cause that is when I am at my weakest and that I don't feel like doing anything. I've been better this year and am always laughing away, being the bubbliest girl as usual in class. My classmates also realized that I am happier this year. I guess everything is going right and I don't really expect the people I love to meet my expectations.

A lot of things happened at the start of the year, but all of that happened for a reason. I drifted away from some of my close friends, I made a whole lot of mistakes, I scored well for my test and many more things... These are all part and parcel of life, lessons to be learnt. The obstacles of life is meant make us better, not bitter.

D is always there for me, I know he is. He's very supportive and encourages me to follow my heart. Even though he may be a bitch sometimes but I still love him. He is one of the reason why I am still standing strong. I am the luckiest girl in the world cause I got him by my side. 

My mom and sister are the best!!! My mom always give me the best advices and always tells me to be thankful for the simple things in life because it is how I can get true happiness. I always talk to her about my problems at night when she's back from work, she still listens to how my day went, about my problems even though she is already very tired. I'm so thankful to have such a beautiful and wonderful mom like her. And as for my sister, she is so freaking adorable lah, always making me laugh at all her jokes even though sometimes it may not be funny but I still laugh at it cause she's my happy pill. I love my mom and my sister so much <3

Nothing special actually, just wanted to like appreciate everything that I have and everyone that I have by my side. 


Retro glasses from @threeplets_(instagram), they are having PO(s) for shoes, suspender skirt, wallet and many other items that you would love to buy!!! Check them out on insta and support them xoxo <3

Candy colour pinafore from @modalady(instagram), get yours now!!!

Bustier top, also from @modalady!! Super pretty and comfy!!

Went to Audrienne's house hehe

Went to meet Madilyn Bailey and Tanner Patrick with rach and sunny!!

This costed me $6 hahahha

Me and rach got selected to be a crew member of YouTube Sensation: Under The Stars Concert hehehe

During their morning rehearsals!!!

I love all of you!!! <3

It was a great experience!!! Tiring but it was fun to work with all of them!! Being able to see their happy faces when they come down of the stage after their performance makes me smile to myself too hehe :p

Because one watch it not enough!!

Went to scape to watch the sam willows perform with rach <3

Movie with the them and the guys

I look like an idiot HAHAHA


I don't know... I have a thing for clouds hehe, I bet everyone does!!!

Alright, that's all for today!! Next post will be up very soon and ya'll will know what it is about right? ;)

Yup, that's right!! Racial Harmony Day 2013!!!! Stay tune xoxo